Novel Polymer Alloy (NPA) Geocell soil stabilization capabilities verified in testing and publications by world leading researchers

research-univ-of-kansas4Geocell Modulus Improvement Factors

Rajagopal, et al, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras,
Kief, et al, Double-K Geotechnical Engineers
Lab studies, numerical analysis and field case studies by Rajagopal, Kief, et al, validate the Neoloy modulus improvement factor (MIF) for road and railway pavements, and verify their performance on heavy-duty pavements in expansive clay soils. (Read more)


Geocell Road Performance Validation

Pokharel, et al, Stratum Logics
World leading geocell expert’s publications include: basic research, design methodology, sustainability analysis and case study validation of NPA geocell road reinforcement performance in projects across Canada. (Read more)


Geocell Reinforcement Mechanisms

Han, et al, University of Kansas
The most comprehensive research program on Neoloy NPA geocells, including lab, theoretical and field trial testing was carried out by Han at U. of Kansas. It also defined geocell reinforcement mechanisms, influencing factors, and calibrated NPA geocell design methodologies. (Read more)


Railway track reinforcementRailway Track Stabilization

Palese, FHA, Zarmebski, U. of Delaware, et al; Kief, Double K Engineers; B. Leshchinsky, et al, Columbia University
Railway track soil stabilization projects show the effectiveness of NPA geocells on problematic soils, demonstrated by 6x reduction of maintenance cycles; case studies are validated by theoretical and laboratory studies of ballast embankments. (Read more)


Geocell and Geogrid Performance

White, et al, Iowa State University, Van Gurp, et al, Kiwa, ND
Comparative field tests of NPA Geocells with geogrids consistently demonstrate that NPA Geocell reinforcement outperforms other geosynthetics, measured by deformation, stiffness and reinforcement factors, in addition to their unique ability to use marginal materials (sand, recycled, etc.) for infill. (Read more)


Reinforced Embankments with Geocells

Sitharam, Hedge, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru
Papers describe the design and case history of an embankment with Neoloy geocell foundation over soft red mud, combined with a geogrid to maximize stabilization of the base, including verification by model plate load tests and finite element analysis. (Read more)


Earth Retention Walls – Seismic Analysis

D. Leshchinsky, et al, University of Delaware
Leshchinsky (et al) tested Neoloy retention walls at the National Seismic Research Institute in Japan, replicating seismic activity of a severe earthquake. Studies concluded that Neoloy Geocells are suitable for reinforced walls under high seismic loading. (Read more)


research-univ-of-kansas3Geocell Bearing Capacity Improvement

Emersleben, Meyer, Clausthal University, Germany
The studies evaluated how the geocell reinforcement mechanisms work, and describe the improved geotechnical engineering forces provided by the soil-cell composite structure. Results from comparative field tests include full- scale field testing, validated by laboratory plate box test testing. (Read more)


Sustainable Road Construction - Resilience Conference UK 2016-1

Sustainable Road Construction with Neoloy Tough-Cells

Summary In this paper, Norouzi and Pokharel quantify the impact of Neoloy Tough-Cells on sustainability. They compared the economi...(Read More)

geocell amtrak

High Speed Railway Life Cycle Benefits of Using Tough-Cell (Palese, Zarembski, et al, 2017)

A comprehensive performance test was conducted on high-speed rail track which suffered from geometry track degradation and substru...(Read More)

Amtrak Neoloy Geocell Track Support-1

NPA Tough-Cell Track Support Reduces Degradation (Zaremski, et al 2017)

Description A full scale in-track field evaluation of Neoloy (NPA) Tough-Cell was performed under actual main line conditions on A...(Read More)

Railways geocell research

Rail Track on Expansive Clay Restrained by Hybrid Solution (Kief, 2016)

NPA Tough-Cell and Geogrid Hybrid Geosynthetic Solution for Rail Track on Expansive Clay, Geo-Americas 2016 Conference Proceedings...(Read More)

Retention Walls-Japan-v4

Seismic Performance of Tough-Cell Earth-retention Systems (Leshchinsky 2009)

Summary This article by Prof. Leshchinsky (et al) summarizes testing of Neoloy earth retention walls on the large shake table at t...(Read More)

Retention Walls-Japan-v3

Equivalent Seismic Coefficient in Tough-Cell Retention Systems (Leshchinsky, Ling et al, 2008)

In this study, relevant results are reported of shake table tests on five different 2.8m high Neoloy Tough-Cell reinforced structu...(Read More)

Green Retaining Wall (England)

Seismic Response of Geocell Retaining Walls (Ling, Leshchinsky, 2009)

This paper summarizes the seismic response of five large-scale retaining walls having a Neoloy Tough-Cell facing. The wall...(Read More)


Bearing Capacity Improvement of Gravel Base Layers Using Neoloy (Emersleben, Meyer 2008)

Summary Neoloy Tough-Cells made from different materials, with different cell heights and diameters were tested in a test box. The...(Read More)


Use of Geocells in Road Construction over Soft Soil (Emersleben, Meyer 2008)

Summary Large-scale model static load tests in test box and two in-situ field test asphalt road constructions were carried out to ...(Read More)


Interaction of Hoop Stresses and Earth Resistance on Geocell Reinforcement (Emersleben, Meyer 2009)

Summary NPA Tough-Cells with different stiffness and different numbers of interconnected geocells underwent radial load testing, i...(Read More)


Summary of Research On Neoloy Tough-Cell-Reinforced Base Courses

Summary This summary of various studies on Neoloy Tough-Cell reinforcement validates that NPA Tough-Cells increase bearing capacit...(Read More)


Bearing Capacity Improvement of Asphalt Paved Road With Geocells (Emersleben, Mayer 2008)

Summary To verify the results of model tests, Neoloy Tough-Cells reinforced, unreinforced and hydraulic-bounded base in-situ tests...(Read More)


Validation of Tough-Cell Design for Unpaved Roads, Pokharel (2015)

Summary Over 100 unpaved roads have been constructed with Neoloy Tough-Cells using the Pokharel design methodology. Eight of these...(Read More)


Causeway Design with PRS-Neoloy Tough-Cells

Summary Oversized load-carrying trucks (260 tons) in Alberta, Canada had to traverse a section of very weak and saturated subgrade...(Read More)


Sustainable Road Construction for Heavy Traffic Using High Strength Polymeric Tough-Cells

Summary Four roads reinforced by Neoloy Tough-Cells in the Oil Sand region of Alberta were evaluated to quantify Neoloy contributi...(Read More)

geocell R&D

Experimental Study of Reinforcement of Neoloy vs. HDPE-based Soft-Cell (Pokharel, Han, et al)

In this study, laboratory tests were conducted to investigate the behavior of Neoloy Tough-Cell-reinforced bases under static and ...(Read More)


Tests on Bearing Capacity of Neoloy-Reinforced Bases (Pokharel, Han et al, 2009)

One-fifth of pavement failures are due to insufficient structural strength – improved sustainable pavement stabilization technique...(Read More)


Behavior of Geocell-Reinforced Granular Bases under Static and Repeated Loads

The study of reinforced bases under static and repeated loads on a loading plate showed that the single geocell could increase the...(Read More)

Service Road Govind India22

Creep Deformation of Geocell-reinforced Recycled Asphalt Pavements (Thakur, Han et al)

The objective of this study was to investigate the creep behavior of unreinforced and Neoloy Tough-Cell-reinforced RAP bases under...(Read More)

Roadway Design

Tough Cells – Neoloy-based geocells for Sustainable Roadway Applications, Roads & Bridges

The paper is a summary of comprehensive studies, tests, and field trials at U of Kansas demonstrating how Neoloy Tough-Cell increa...(Read More)

Sudan-Neoloy Geocell Infill

Infill Impact on the Performance of Neoloy-reinforced Bases (Han, Pokharel, Parsons 2010)

In this study, Neoloy Tough-Cell reinforced bases were filled with three different infill materials. The performance of different ...(Read More)


Accelerated Pavement Testing of Unpaved Roads with Tough-Cell-Reinforced Sand Bases

Summary Pokharel and Han conducted accelerated pavement testing at Kansas State University, in order to evaluate the effect of NPA...(Read More)


Performance of Tough-Cell-reinforced RAP bases over weak subgrade under cyclic plate loading

The use of Neoloy Tough-Cells to confine RAP to minimize increased or excessive permanent deformation under traffic loading was test...(Read More)


Onsite Use of Recycled Asphalt Pavement and Tough-Cells to Reconstruct Pavements

In a cooperative research project sponsored by the US DOT Research and Innovative Technology Administration and the MATC consorti...(Read More)

CIMG2613 copy

NPA Tough-Cell Reduction Factor (RF) Compared to Geogrids

This controlled field trial, conducted by KIWA (formely KOAC-NPC), the leading road research and standards institute in Netherland...(Read More)

Service Road Govind India22

NPA Tough-Cell Pavement Reinforcement Compared to Other Geosynthetics

This field and lab study by Rajagopal, et al (2014) confirms that Neoloy Tough-Cell reinforcement increases the rigidity of paveme...(Read More)


Enhancing Ballast Performance using NPA Tough-Cell Confinement (B. Leshchinsky, 2011)

Enhancing Ballast Performance using Neoloy Tough-Cell Confinement, Geo-Frontiers, Dallas, Leshchinsky, B., (2011) Click Here to do...(Read More)


Tough-Cell Reinforced Road Pavement Structures, Rajagopal, et al (2012)

Too often, the scarcity or distance of natural resources, makes the strengthening of highway pavements a costly or lengthy exercis...(Read More)

Railways geocell research

3D Tough-Cell Contribution to Structural Pavement Reinforcement, Kief and Rajagopal

Summary This study, presented at Geosynthetics India, demonstrates that reinforcement with NPA (Neoloy® – Novel Polymeric Alloy) T...(Read More)


Structural Pavement Design with NPA Tough-Cells, Kief (2015)

Summary A case study in E18 motorway in St. Petersburg by Kief (2015) demonstrated how NPA Tough-Cells (PRS Neoloy Tough-Cells) – ...(Read More)

geocell Embankment Over Waste Pond, India - website

Tough-Cell Reinforced Embankment on Red Mud (Sitharam, Hedge, 2013)

Embankments are an essential part of the construction of roads, railways, reservoirs, earth dams and other facilities. When constr...(Read More)


Research: Geocell-Reinforced Recycled Asphalt (2016)

A large amount of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) material is created every year in the United States (approximately 100 million t...(Read More)


Plate Load Tests of Unpaved Road

Plate Load Tests of Unpaved Road, Phaltan, India – Modulus Improvement Factor, IIT Tech. Report, India, Rajagopal (2011). Investig...(Read More)

railway embankement - amtrak geocell

Research: Neoloy Tough-Cell road pavement reinforcement & railways (2011)

This study by Kief and Toan, published in Geotec Hanoi, surveys worldwide research, demonstrating that NPA Tough-Cells improve lay...(Read More)


Compaction “Roadeo” Field Trial – Center for Earthworks Engineering, White, et al (2012)

The comparative “Roadeo” field test, evaluated the different engineering properties of 4 geosynthetics in poorly-graded sand emban...(Read More)


Validating Contribution of Neoloy Tough-Cells to Sustainability Objectives

Analysis of recent road projects shows that Neoloy Tough-Cells reduce hauling by 30% and CO2 emissions by 60% to achieve sustainab...(Read More)

Photo Geocells 6

Research: Hybrid Tough-Cell Solution for Rail Track on Expansive Clay

A Hybrid Geosynthetic Solution was used in a new track foundation over weak expansive clays. This unique solution combines Neoloy ...(Read More)


Numerical Modeling of Railway Structure with NPA Tough-Cells (B. Leshchinsky and Ling 2013)

Numerical Modeling of Railway Ballasted Structure with PRS-Neoloy, Geotextiles and Geomembranes, Leshchinsky, and Ling (2013). Cli...(Read More)

Geocell Elastic Stiffness

Cell Dynamic (Elastic) Stiffness (DMA)

Geocell resistance (elastic stiffness) to plastic deformation under different mechanical stresses, frequencies and temperatures pr...(Read More)

pavement reinforcement

PRS-Neoloy – Railway Embankment

These papers describe research on loading tests of model rail embankments. The tests measured the strength and deformation behavio...(Read More)


Modulus Improvement Factor for Neoloy Reinforced Bases

Summary Geocells were originally used to reinforce base layers over soft cells. But this study, published in Geosynthetics India, ...(Read More)