Neoloy® Tough-Cells Provide Reliable Platform Reinforcement and Drainage

Neoloy cellular confinement systems offer faster heavy-duty solutions at a lower price than reinforced concrete-steel solutions and stabilized cement layers.

The Challenge 

Constructed on soft, saturated and compressible soils, pavements and container yards in marine ports are subject to heavy loads from cranes, stackers, containers, trucks and rail traffic. 

Why Neoloy Tough-Cells 

In port quays, container yards, hydrocarbon storage terminals or working platforms, PRS Neoloy Tough-Cells are used the world over for resilient port stabilization and reinforcement. 

Neoloy’s validated high dynamic modulus, tensile strength and low permanent deformation make them an ideal soil stabilization solution for marine ports stabilization. Due to its high improvement factors (subgrade 7.6x and modulus 5x), Neoloy-reinforced layers act as a slab (“beam effect”). This improves subgrade bearing capacity, distributes loads widely and limits differential settlement even under heavy-duty loads associated with port operations. In load transfer platforms (LTP) Neoloy platform stabilization enables optimized designs that reduce the number of pile columns.    

Neoloy Tough-Cells verified reinforcement factors also enable a thinner pavement layer, even while using locally dredged sand for structural fill. Compared to reinforced concrete-steel solutions, stabilized cement layers and other geosynthetics solutions, Neoloy Tough-Cells reinforced port pavements are proven faster to build – and at lower cost. This is achieved at an equivalent or longer service life with less maintenance (and downtime) over the project lifespan. 


  • Geotechnical – ideal for soft, compressible marine soils 
  • Engineering – optimizes design, stabilization reduces piles in Load Transfer Platforms (LTP) 
  • Environmental – sustainable solution uses local sand, recycled materials for infill 
  • Economics – cost effective, reduces construction costs, pavement structures, extends lifespan, low maintenance and less downtime 

Case Studies 

Neoloy Tough-Cells are proven to stabilize the most challenging soils under the heaviest loading conditions using locally available infill materials in ports, yards and platforms around the world. 

Stabilized LTPs for Port Infrastructure, Mexico  

Neoloy Tough Cells were used stabilize Load Transfer Platform of port quays and platforms as well for foundation layer of hydrocarbon storage terminals on very weak, saturated silty soils. 

  • Neoloy high reinforcement factors reduced the number of required piles by the LTP solution. 
  • Reduction of piles saved millions of dollars for each platform. 
  • Stabilized soft subgrade, reinforced pavement, limited subgrade extraction, thinner subbase and concrete layers. 

Port Rehabilitation and New Construction, Israel 

Two ports selected Neoloy Tough-Cells for pavement rehabilitation and new construction due to reliable, long-term design strength and cost-effectiveness. Both solutions included the use of local dredged sand for structural infill. 

  • Low construction costs are due to reduced soil replacement, use of marginal infill and decreased structural pavement thickness. 
  • Reinforced pavement meets heavy-duty shipyard requirements, with low deformation, minimizes repairs and maintenance. 

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