PRS Neoloy® Tough-Cell soil stabilization technology improves long-term performance and productivity for your market at a lower price


Boosting your productivity and increasing sustainability are key goals for mines. Learn how Neoloy Tough-Cell road reinforcement helps you to: keep the haul trucks rolling in any weather, contain waste to protect the environment and rehabilitate the site after closure to its natural state. (Read more)


oil-pipeline-kazakhstan2Energy & Utilities

Transporting drilling rigs, pipelines, wind turbines or other heavy equipment over arctic tundra, desert sands or peat bogs? We’ve already done it. Learn how Neoloy Tough-Cells stabilize soft soil and reinforce roads to grant you access to any site, anywhere, for any loads. (Read more)


forestry-road-ireland07Logging & Forestry 

Organic soils and wet climates may be good for trees but not for logging roads and logyards. You need to stabilize challenging forest soils and muddy logyards to improve operations and productivity – in any weather conditions. Learn what Neoloy Tough-Cells have done for logging companies worldwide. (Read more)


military-afgan-mainMilitary & Emergency 

Armed forces, homeland security and emergency relief organizations need to create strong and reliable roads, protective structures and basic infrastructure with minimum time and logistics – See how Neoloy Tough-Cells are used in patrol roads, border fences and relief efforts around the world. (Read more)


Pavement Solutions

Public works, transportation agencies and local governments need to make roads more sustainable – better roads for less money. That’s exactly what Neoloy Tough-Cells do – create stronger pavements at lower costs, with a lower environmental footprint, to enable more traffic with less maintenance. Learn how. (Read more)



New rail construction over soft soils is expensive, but maintenance can be even more. Neoloy Tough-Cells soil stabilization enables railway professionals to not only reinforce track for more traffic, heavier loads and higher speeds, but to maintain track geometry and reduce expensive maintenance cycles by 6.7x and more. (Read more)



Airports are typically built on weak soils on reclaimed land , and their heavy-duty pavements require heavy-duty soil stabilization and base reinforcement. See how Neoloy Tough-Cells have achieved that for the largest airports in the world as well as unpaved airfields in the most remote locations. (Read more)


mexico-mainPorts & Container Yards

Intermodal ports require heavy-duty and long-term pavement reinforcement, quality aggregate layers and good drainage. That’s what Neoloy Tough-Cells offers at a fraction of the time and price of conventional solutions to increase productivity and reduce maintenance of marine ports, container yards and storage yards. (Read more)

gatwick-airport-uk05Stormwater Management 

Sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) and advanced water management techniques for the localized control of stormwater need advanced soil protection techniques for drainage ditches and bioswales used to manage stormwater runoff. See how Neoloy Tough-Cells can do that. (Read more)


peat-bog-canada-sub1Green Construction & Sustainability 

Transportation agencies, public works and municipalities all want to make roads more sustainable – more performance at lower cost. That’s what Neoloy Tough-Cells are designed to do: create more durable roads for heavier traffic, using local or recycled materials with a smaller carbon footprint, and reduce maintenance department expenses. (Read more)


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