Most Extensive Research Program on NPA Geocells in World Validates its Performance

The following is partial list of the moving wheel tests, static and dynamic loading tests, numerical analyses and field trials conducted at the University of Kansas, under Professor Dr. Jie Han, et al since 2006. These studies investigated and demonstrated how Neoloy-based Geocells and their 'beam-effect' increase layer stiffness, soil bearing capacity, distribute vertical stresses, reduce permanent deformation, and extend road life compared to unreinforced and HDPE-geocell road bases.

Summary of Research On Neoloy Geocell-Reinforced Base Courses

Summary This summary of various studies on Neoloy Geocell reinforcement validates that NPA Geocells increase bearing capacity and ...(Read More)

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Experimental Study of Reinforcement of Neoloy vs. HDPE-based Geocell (Pokharel, Han, et al)

In this study, laboratory tests were conducted to investigate the behavior of Neoloy Geocell-reinforced bases under static and rep...(Read More)


Tests on Bearing Capacity of Neoloy-Reinforced Bases (Pokharel, Han et al, 2009)

One-fifth of pavement failures are due to insufficient structural strength – improved sustainable pavement stabilization technique...(Read More)


Behavior of Geocell-Reinforced Granular Bases under Static and Repeated Loads

The study of reinforced bases under static and repeated loads on a loading plate showed that the single geocell could increase the...(Read More)

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Creep Deformation of Geocell-reinforced Recycled Asphalt Pavements (Thakur, Han et al)

The objective of this study was to investigate the creep behavior of unreinforced and Neoloy Geocell-reinforced RAP bases under a ...(Read More)

Roadway Design

Tough Cells – Neoloy-based geocells for Sustainable Roadway Applications, Roads and Bridges

Summary of comprehensive studies, tests, and field trials at U of Kansas demonstrating how Neoloy Geocell increases stiffness and ...(Read More)

Sudan-Neoloy Geocell Infill

Infill Impact on the Performance of Neoloy-reinforced Bases (Han, Pokharel, Parsons 2010)

In this study, Neoloy Geocell reinforced bases were filled with three different infill materials. The performance of different inf...(Read More)


Accelerated Pavement Testing of Unpaved Roads with Geocell-Reinforced Sand Bases

Summary Pokharel and Han conducted accelerated pavement testing at Kansas State University, in order to evaluate the effect of NPA...(Read More)


Performance of geocell-reinforced RAP bases over weak subgrade under cyclic plate loading

The use of Neoloy Geocells to confine RAP to minimize increased or excessive permanent deformation under traffic loading was tested ...(Read More)


Onsite Use of Recycled Asphalt Pavement and Geocells to Reconstruct Pavements

On-site use of recycled asphalt pavement materials has obvious benefits from economic, to environmental, to sustainability points ...(Read More)


Research: Geocell-Reinforced Recycled Asphalt (2016)

A large amount of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) material is created every year in the United States (approximately 100 million t...(Read More)