Smart Geo-Engineering

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geotechnical engineering

Specialized Engineering Services for High-Performance Infrastructure

Courtesy of Paradox Access Solutions, Authorized PRS Distributor in North America Engineering Design   PRS Engineering provides ex...(Read More)


Expansive Clay Soils

Expansive clay soils (also known as heavy clay or fat clay soil) undergo large volumetric changes due to seasonal moisture fluctua...(Read More)

Roadway Design

Project Design (Roadway Design)

Neoloy is revolutionizing the use of geocells for engineers and contractors for road design projects in construction areas with so...(Read More)

geotechnical engineering

Sustainability Overview (Green Roads)

Do MORE with LESS – Neoloy Tough-Cells are an ideal sustainable road construction technique, offering high engineering value at lo...(Read More)


Sustainable Transportation & Infrastructure

Developing sustainable transportation infrastructure faces challenges of budgets, ground conditions and durability. That’s where N...(Read More)


Green Construction

Neoloy Tough-Cells are an example of a green building technique that promotes sustainable design of hard and soft spaces, such as ...(Read More)


Landscape Architecture

Neoloy solutions exemplify Green Building practices for sustainable design and construction in both load support and slope and cha...(Read More)


Rural Development

Sustainable development in developing countries takes on important social and economic ramifications, since the lack of rural tran...(Read More)

3D confinement RAP Pavement Colombia

Recycled Materials

A typical two-lane 1.6 km (1 mile) stretch of highway uses roughly 25,000 tons of crushed stone. Although aggregate is one of the ...(Read More)

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Reinforced Pavements

Neoloy is the only geocell to break the subgrade barrier. No longer limited to soft subgrade soils, Neoloy Tough-Cell was designed...(Read More)

beam effect

Modulus Improvement Factor – MIF (Highway Engineering Modulus)

  Neoloy Tough-Cell confinement increases the resilient modulus of confined granular materials in pavement structures, such a...(Read More)


Design Checklists

Choose an application, fill up the design request form and get a preliminary engineering design with PRS Neoloy Tough-Cells for yo...(Read More)

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Neoloy Tough-Cells Engineering Benefits

Tough-Cells must retain their performance over time, e.g., maintain their 3D geometry (dimensional stability) for the reinforcemen...(Read More)

beam effect

Beam Effect

Vertical loading on Neoloy Tough-Cells infilled with compacted granular material creates a semi-rigid slab or “beam effect” over s...(Read More)

Geocell Road Rehabiliation Poland

Road Design Methodologies

Studies of geocell reinforcement mechanisms, numerical modeling and field trials by researchers included the calibration of existi...(Read More)



While developing a Neoloy®-based geocell unlike any other, PRS also set a new range of standards to measure the its performance, a...(Read More)


Customized Design with Neoloy Tough-Cells

One shoe doesn’t fit all. Neither does one geocell fit all projects. PRS enables you to customize your geocell to fit the project ...(Read More)