Soil Protection from Stormwater Runoff, Erosion And Channeling

Neoloy® Tough-Cells provide a sustainable drainage system (SUDS) or advanced stormwater management technique for the localized control of stormwater

The Stormwater Management Challenge

Neoloy Tough-Cells are a sustainable drainage system (SUDS) or water management technique for the localized control of stormwater. Neoloy cellular confinement preserves the soil structure, tolerates high sheet-flow conditions and is self-draining for high infiltration into the soil.

Stormwater runoff, once considered a nuisance to be removed of as quickly as possible, is now considered a resource to be managed locally, close to where it hits the ground. The idea is to reduce the impact of built areas and promote the natural movement of water on-site by harvesting and infiltration to underground water sources.

Today’s planning policies and construction guidelines mandate water strategies based on integrated water management to seeks to mitigate the impact of surface water discharges, improve runoff quality, reduce the risk of flooding and augment potable water resources.

The Neoloy Solution for Stormwater Management in Pavements

Neoloy Tough-Cells integrated in the structural layers of concrete paving block systems can best reduce stormwater by maximizing infiltration in structural layers, thereby reducing runoff and flooding and filtering pollutants. The high Neoloy Tough-Cell reinforcement factor enables the use of open grade aggregate, which has lower strength than engineered stone, but greater permeability.

Neoloy Solution for Stormwater Management in Slopes and Channels

Neoloy Tough-Cells preserve soil structure, tolerate high sheet-flow conditions and are self-draining for high infiltration into the soil.

Neoloy Tough-Cells are ideal for soil protection of contoured open-channel gravel drainage ditches, verges and bioswales used to manage stormwater runoff. They prevent soil erosion and channeling while providing an excellent growth medium for the growth of turf and vegetation or preventing aggregate movement in gravel ditches. This assists the on-site infiltration to reduce runoff, filter pollutants, prevent flooding and augment underground water resources.

In addition, Neoloy Tough-Cell stormwater management systems can be used with permeable pavement systems, such as concrete paving blocks to enhance pavement drainage.

Benefits for Stormwater Management

  • Component of Low Impact Development (LID) / Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) water management strategies
  • Mitigate the impact of surface water discharges – reduce flooding
  • Maximize infiltration with local swales and reservoirs
  • Augment water resources
  • Conserve green space and natural resources
  • Improve site ecology – enhances plant growth, soil health and visual landscape
  • Frictional resistance reduces sliding from hydrodynamic and gravitational forces
  • Cell walls provide mechanical protection against stormwater run-off
  • Confinement preserves integrity of soil structure to minimize impact of rain, sheet water
  • Cell perforations facilitates drainage and plant-root interlock
  • Unique Neoloy® polymer – very high resistance to UV, oxidation, water, extreme temperatures

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