Neoloy® Geocells provide 100% protection for geomembranes

Neoloy confinement, when combined with geomembrane gives guaranteed protection to reservoirs, in all conditions and situations

The mission critical objective of reservoirs is to provide 100% protection of the reservoir geomembranes while creating stable soil, berms and slopes.

Neoloy cellular confinement from PRS combined with geomembranes creates protected, impermeable, non-slip and durable impoundment of water, waste and leachate. Liners are shielded by Neoloy Geocells from natural, accidental or intentional damage. Used in applications which require containment, treatment or control of water, or other liquids, Neoloy Geocells are installed on top of a geomembrane on the slopes of the reservoir or containment pond. The Neoloy Geocells are easily filled with concrete for effective and reliable long-term protection.

Neoloy® Gocells are impervious to salinity, corrosion, acidity, sewage and extreme temperatures. Neoloy cellular confinement systems have considerably higher environmental resistance and durability than HDPE-based geocells.


  • Fast and easy installation suited to existing ground contours
  • Enhanced flexibility enabling infilled concrete to withstand seismic activity
  • Effective containment of stored water
  • Neoloy functions as ready-made forms
  • Concrete casting is fast, efficient, and controlled
  • Hard-armor finish is of uniform thickness
  • Resulting flexible slab accommodates subgrade movement and prevents cracking
  • Unique Neoloy® polymer – High long-term resistance to UV, oxidation, water, extreme temperatures
  • Cost-effective solution that reduces logistics, amount of concrete and labor
  • Sustainable – reduces the amount of concrete and associated environmental/project impacts
  • Stabilize unstable and steep slopes

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