PRS Neoloy® Tough-Cells are an innovative soil stabilization technology to strengthen weak soil, reduce construction costs and increase your application durability.


Roads & Highways

Neoloy Tough-Cells strengthen soft subgrades, granular infill and pavement layers to optimize the design of unpaved gravel roads and paved highways, at lowering construction and maintenance costs. (Read more)


Heavy Duty Pavements

Designed to provide the highest reinforcement factor in the most challenging conditions, Neoloy is the only geocell with long-term strength and stiffness for heavy-duty pavements in railways, ports and working platforms. (Read more)


HomePage-3-sizedErosion Control for Slopes & Channels

PRS Neoloy Tough-Cells provides erosion control for slopes & channels and soil stabilization for any site, incline, and environmental conditions with topsoil/landscaping or hard-armor surfacing for any slope, channel, reservoirs and landfill. (Read more)


Earth Stabilization and Retaining Walls

PRS Neoloy Tough-Cells walls offer strong, durable and green earth retention walls, ideal for steep unstable slopes, sharp grade changes and irregular topography that are fast to construct and seismically safe. (Read more)




  • Increase soil bearing capacity – build on any ground
  • Improve infill modulus – use lower cost infill
  • Reduce layer/infill thickness – save money
  • Increase pavement strength – extend lifespan and reduce maintenance
  • Improve soil bearing capacity – stabilize even weakest soil
  • Increase infill modulus – achieve higher strength at lower costs
  • Reduce layer/infill thickness – without sacrificing performance
  • Increase pavement strength – for any size load and decrease maintenance cycles
  • Best erosion control practice – protect slopes, geomembranes
  • Enhance vegetation and landscapes
  • Excellent drainage and protection from rain, runoff and storm water
  • Permanent solution designed to last
  • Maximum stabilization at minimum costs
  • Easy logistics and fast construction
  • Provide green face
  • Strong, durable and high seismic reliability

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