Neoloy® Tough-Cells are a Reliable & Green Mechanical Stabilization Solution

Neoloy is easier to apply, more environmentally friendly, and provide more reliable, uniform and long-term stabilization than chemical soil stabilizers

While chemical stabilizers have pros and cons, Neoloy Tough-Cells are not only easier to apply, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. They also have a proven long-term lifespan to make every road more reliable for an extended design life.

INSTALLATION ‏✔ Quick and easy with the locally trained crew; creates a uniform layer X Requires specialized heavy machinery and trained operators, as well as specific weather and soil conditions
LONG-TERM PERFORMANCE Low deformation guaranteed for the entire project design life X Poor longevity; may suffer 60-80% loss of stiffness by end of design life
RELIABILITY Mechanical stabilization with inert, high-strength material provides proven long-term performance X Many chemical additives are sensitive to moisture and break down over time
CRACKS No cracking as high stiffness and tensile strength create flexible reinforcement mattress X High stiffness becomes brittle, and cracks over long-time repeated loading
QA Simple visual assurance of installation and stabilization of uniform geocell mattress X Hard to detect non-homogeneous mixtures, which leads to differential settlements
ENVIRONMENTAL SENSITIVITY Insert material, environmentally safe. Unaffected by water, freeze-thaw cycles, chemicals; proven service range is -60°C to +60°C X Most stabilizers are environmental hazards and may pollute; also may be sensitive to moisture, temperature, freeze-thaw cycles
DRAINAGE All-weather installation and use, unaffected by rain, saturation groundwater tables Not all Good, but require additional soil drainage systems
MAINTENANCE No corrosion, local failure cells do not impact system integrity X Local failure may lead to
global failure
SUSTAINABILITY Low environmental footprint, reduces the use of aggregate X Not a green solution; chemicals may pollute the ground, water sources
COST Reduce construction time and costs with less aggregate, long lifespan reduces lifecycle costs X Much shorter lifespan and slower, more complicated and costly installation

Soft soils require stabilization to provide support or road construction and reinforcement. Chemical stabilizers stabilize the soil or infill, such as lime and fly ash mixtures, calcium chloride, cement, resins, and polymer materials. However, these additives are characterized either by poor longevity or environmental toxicity. Installation costs require specialized equipment a are dependent on suitable temperature, soil moisture, and mixing process to work properly. And finally, they are very expensive.

3D Neoloy Tough-Cells is a more effective soil stabilization solution for road construction. Neoloy offers higher engineering value, a lower environmental footprint and is more economically feasible. Furthermore, the installation provides a homogeneous layer, as it is not an additive. Neoloy’s long-term performance is proven in field tests and projects worldwide and is supported by ASTM and ISO standards. Soil reinforcement with Neoloy Tough-Cells is suitable not only for expansive clay soils but is well suited to the stabilization of silty and sandy soils as well.


  • 3D MECHANICAL STABILIZATION – creates a uniform heterogeneous layer over soft soil without cracking
  • INSTALLATION – easy, fast, needs no special equipment, simple QA
  • SELF-DRAINING – all-weather installation, stable with changes in moisture
  • RELIABLE LIFESPAN – low deformation (<2%) and loss of stiffness over the project design life
  • GREEN SOLUTION – inert material with no environmental impact, reduces carbon footprint
  • COST-EFFECTIVE – significantly lower installation and lifecycle costs

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