How to design heavy-duty pavements on soft soils? With Neoloy Tough-Cells – strong, stiff and durable soil stabilization.

If you have heavy bearing loads – heavy traffic, loading, extreme axle weights. Large stresses on the pavement. And soft soil. What are your options? PRS Neoloy Tough-Cells. Neoloy (Category D) is the only geocell designed for long-term ground stabilization and base reinforcement of heavy-duty pavements and a proven solution for all types of heavy-duty specialist pavements, including the following:

Railways and Track Stabilization

Railway track infrastructure reinforced with Neoloy Tough-Cells, particularly over poor subgrade, is a proven method to minimize track geometry degradation and extend track maintenance cycles by a factor of 7x or more…(Read more)


New Mexico City Airport-1Airport Pavements

Neoloy Tough-Cells are ideal for airports that are frequently built on marginal land and require soil stabilization and base reinforcement for runways, shoulders, aprons and access roads…(Read more)



Manzanillo 8Ports and Container Yards

Neoloy Tough-Cells provide durable, heavy-duty pavement reinforcement even with locally available infill materials, such as dredged sea sand, required by intermodal port platforms, wharfs and container yards…(Read more)



Working Platforms for Heavy Loading

Neoloy Tough-Cells are an economic and sustainable solution to strengthen weak foundation soils for the transport and erection of working platforms for heavy equipment, drilling rigs and wind turbines…(Read more)




  • Stabilize soil, rail, track geometry
  • Reduce maintenance cycles by a factor of 7x and more
  • Reinforce subgrade and ballast layers
  • Enable normal operating speeds and loads
  • Improve any weak subgrade
  • Use marginal infill without sacrificing performance
  • Increase pavement lifespan
  • Decrease maintenance
  • High performance pavement
  • Most cost-effective solution
  • Excellent drainage
  • Long-term solution designed to last
  • Safe, strong and durable surfaces
  • Maximum soil reinforcement at minimum costs
  • Easy logistics and fast construction
  • Use locally available materials for structural infill

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