Neoloy® Tough-Cells provide a cost-effective, sustainable, green solution

Neoloy retention walls are a sustainable and green construction method. The outer row (strip) of the fascia cells is filled with topsoil for plantings.

Neoloy retention walls are a sustainable and green construction method. The outer row (strip) of the fascia cells is filled with topsoil for plantings and landscaping. Each geocell acts as an individual planter, protecting young plants while ensuring that the soil substrate is retained. Climbing or cascading plants provide compelling aesthetics while maximizing vertical coverage.

Wall retention systems are demanding applications that require high durability, particularly in the outer fascia. Neoloy is the only geocell available that offers long-term performance at elevated temperatures, under thermal cycling and resistance to cracking under loading. The high heat stabilizer content of Neoloy Tough-Cells provides the not only very high resistance to oxidation and degradation from heat and UV radiation; the additives are also protected from leaching to provide the long-term durability.

Neoloy walls are a much more cost-effective solution to green walls constructed by stone and concrete alternatives.

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  • Seismic resistance
  • Efficient drainage and stormwater management
  • Uses low grade/local granular infill
  • Cost effective particular when compared to stone and concrete alternatives
  • Low installation cost and Total Cost of Ownership
  • Green wall with vegetated fascia on the outer rows for a soft, green and aesthetic retention solution
  • Use of local granular material for structural infill
  • Serves as planters to protect young plants and encourage vegetative growth
  • High stiffness and strength with very low creep
  • Dimensionally stable for reliable confinement in a wide temperature range
  • Resistant to stress-cracking, particularly at temperature extremes
  • Very resistant to additive leaching, oxidation and photochemical degradation

Sustainable Technique

Neoloy is the best-available sustainable solution for long-term soil protection and stabilization in slopes, embankments and retaining walls. The ability to utilize local soils and recycled materials saves aggregate resources, reduces truck hauling and decreases onsite earthworks.

Neoloy Tough-Cells also improve site ecology by enhancing water drainage and soil quality, while the green fascia improves the site landscape and visual aesthetics. The vegetated fascia on the outer horizontal terraces/rows provides a soft green and aesthetic structure.

Additionally, perforations in the Neoloy cell walls promote infiltration and limit the impact of hydrostatic forces. The cells limit the impact of rain and run-off and preserve the soil structure and enabling the flow of water, nutrients and soil organisms.

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