Research, Design and Validation of NPA Geocells in the Field

Dr. Pokharel is a leading expert in the application of the geosynthetic reinforcement especially, NPA geocell technology. Findings from his years of research at U. of Kansas are used to design sustainable Geocell-reinforced structures. His recent published research has focused on validating Neoloy Geocell design and performance in the field, particularly on road pavements in Canada, as well as quantifying the contribution of NPA geocells to sustainable roads.

Sustainable Road Construction - Resilience Conference UK 2016-1

Sustainable Road Construction with Neoloy Geocells

Summary In this paper, Norouzi and Pokharel quantify the impact of Neoloy Geocells on sustainability. They compared the economic, ...(Read More)


Validation of Geocell Design for Unpaved Roads, Pokharel (2015)

Summary Over 100 unpaved roads have been constructed with Neoloy Geocells using the Pokharel design methodology. Eight of these we...(Read More)


Causeway Design with PRS-Neoloy Geocells

Summary Oversized load-carrying trucks (260 tons) in Alberta, Canada had to traverse a section of very weak and saturated subgrade...(Read More)


Sustainable Road Construction for Heavy Traffic Using High Strength Polymeric Geocells

Summary Four roads reinforced by Neoloy Geocells in the Oil Sand region of Alberta were evaluated to quantify Neoloy contribution ...(Read More)


Validating Contribution of Neoloy Geocells to Sustainability Objectives

Analysis of recent road projects shows that Neoloy Geocells reduce hauling by 30% and CO2 emissions by 60% to achieve sustainable ...(Read More)