Neoloy® Tough-Cells Category C is designed for Base Reinforcement of Paved Asphalt Roads and Unpaved Access Roads

Neoloy Geocell Toguh Cell

Neoloy Tough-Cells Category C is the only Qualified Solution for Access Roads and Asphalt Roads

Neoloy is an ideal geocell reinforcement solution for paved and unpaved roads adopted by leading international companies. Neoloy Tough-Cells stabilize subgrade, reinforce the base and reduce degradation of the surface layer.

Neoloy Tough-Cells Category-C Tough Cells – Sample Case Studies

 Neoloy Geocell Toguh Cell  Neoloy Geocell Toguh Cell
Unpaved Access Roads

·       Access Road over Swamp

·       Access Road from Sand through Desert

·       60% Lower Construction Costs

·       $1m Yearly Maintenance Savings

Paved Asphalt Roads

·       50% Less Installation Costs

·       Reduce Highway Maintenance

·       RAP Paved Roads

·       Reinforcing Road Shoulders

 NOTE: The optimal Neoloy Tough-Cell Category is determined only after PRS evaluates your project requirements and prepares a geotechnical engineering design.

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Neoloy Tough-Cell Category-C GeoTechnical Engineering Properties

Download Full Neoloy Tough-Cell Category-C GeoTechnical Engineering Specification

Typical GeoTechnical Engineering Road Design Guidelines with Low Modulus Infill

Application & Infill Sample Design Requirement Sample Product Specification
 Neoloy Geocell Toguh Cell Gravel Road on Soft Soil

Paved Asphalt Road on Soft Soil

(Various infill types)


in Base Layer

PRS-330-120-C in Base Layer

PRS-330-150-C in Base Layer



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