Neoloy Geocell Category C is the only Tough Cell designed for Base Reinforcement of Paved Asphalt Roads and Unpaved Access Roads

Neoloy Geocell Toguh Cell

Neoloy Geocell Category C is the only Qualified Solution for Access Roads and Asphalt Roads

Neoloy is an ideal reinforcement solution for paved and unpaved roads adopted by leading international companies. Neoloy Geocells stabilize subgrade, reinforce the base and reduce degradation of the surface layer.

Neoloy Geocell Category-C Tough Cells – Sample Case Studies

 Neoloy Geocell Toguh Cell Neoloy Geocell Toguh Cell
Unpaved Access Roads

·       Access Road over Swamp

·       Access Road from Sand through Desert

·       60% Lower Construction Costs

·       $1m Yearly Maintenance Savings

Paved Asphalt Roads

·       50% Less Installation Costs

·       Reduce Highway Maintenance

·       RAP Paved Roads

·       Reinforcing Road Shoulders

 NOTE: The optimal Neoloy Geocell Category is determined only after PRS evaluates your project requirements and prepares a geotechnical engineering design.

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Neoloy Geocell Tough Cell Category-C GeoTechnical Engineering Properties


Download Full Neoloy Geocell Category-C GeoTechnical Engineering Specification


Typical GeoTechnical Engineering Road Design Guidelines with Low Modulus Infill


Application & InfillSample Design Requirment Sample Product Specification
 Neoloy Geocell Toguh CellGravel Road on Soft Soil

Paved Asphalt Road on Soft Soil

(Various infill types)


in Base Layer

PRS-330-120-C in Base Layer

PRS-330-150-C in Base Layer



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Sample Neoloy Geocell Category C Design Provided by PRS GeoTechnical Engineering Division

Neoloy Geocell Toguh Cell


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