Novel Polymer Alloy (NPA) Geocell soil stabilization capabilities verified in testing and publications by world leading researchers

research-univ-of-kansas4Geocell Modulus Improvement Factors

Rajagopal, et al, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras,
Kief, et al, Double-K Geotechnical Engineers
Lab studies, numerical analysis and field case studies by Rajagopal, Kief, et al, validate the Neoloy modulus improvement factor (MIF) for road and railway pavements, and verify their performance on heavy-duty pavements in expansive clay soils. (Read more)


Geocell Road Performance Validation

Pokharel, et al, Stratum Logics
World leading geocell expert’s publications include: basic research, design methodology, sustainability analysis and case study validation of NPA geocell road reinforcement performance in projects across Canada. (Read more)


Geocell Reinforcement Mechanisms

Han, et al, University of Kansas
The most comprehensive research program on Neoloy NPA geocells, including lab, theoretical and field trial testing was carried out by Han at U. of Kansas. It also defined geocell reinforcement mechanisms, influencing factors, and calibrated NPA geocell design methodologies. (Read more)


Railway track reinforcementRailway Track Stabilization

Palese, FHA, Zarmebski, U. of Delaware, et al; Kief, Double K Engineers; B. Leshchinsky, et al, Columbia University
Railway track soil stabilization projects show the effectiveness of NPA geocells on problematic soils, demonstrated by 6x reduction of maintenance cycles; case studies are validated by theoretical and laboratory studies of ballast embankments. (Read more)


Geocell and Geogrid Performance

White, et al, Iowa State University, Van Gurp, et al, Kiwa, ND
Comparative field tests of NPA Geocells with geogrids consistently demonstrate that NPA Geocell reinforcement outperforms other geosynthetics, measured by deformation, stiffness and reinforcement factors, in addition to their unique ability to use marginal materials (sand, recycled, etc.) for infill. (Read more)


Reinforced Embankments with Geocells

Sitharam, Hedge, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru
Papers describe the design and case history of an embankment with Neoloy geocell foundation over soft red mud, combined with a geogrid to maximize stabilization of the base, including verification by model plate load tests and finite element analysis. (Read more)


Earth Retention Walls – Seismic Analysis

D. Leshchinsky, et al, University of Delaware
Leshchinsky (et al) tested Neoloy retention walls at the National Seismic Research Institute in Japan, replicating seismic activity of a severe earthquake. Studies concluded that Neoloy Geocells are suitable for reinforced walls under high seismic loading. (Read more)


research-univ-of-kansas3Geocell Bearing Capacity Improvement

Emersleben, Meyer, Clausthal University, Germany
The studies evaluated how the geocell reinforcement mechanisms work, and describe the improved geotechnical engineering forces provided by the soil-cell composite structure. Results from comparative field tests include full- scale field testing, validated by laboratory plate box test testing. (Read more)