Long-term soil stabilization and erosion control for all types of slopes and channels

Neoloy Tough-Cells adds high tensile strength to mechanically stabilize soil for soil erosion control, drainage and landscape restoration

Challenges in Slope Stabilization

Conventional methods to protect rebuilt slopes and embankments from erosive forces often fall short. Civil engineers and landscape architects need a long-term solution to control unstable soils and slopes, limit erosive forces, improve drainage and restore a visually pleasing, resilient landscape.  

Neoloy Tough-Cells Solution

Neoloy Tough-Cells are a versatile and effective mechanical slope cover protection system for reliable, long-term slope stabilization. Made from NPA – Novel Polymeric Alloy – Neoloy Tough-Cells add high tensile strength, resistance to permanent deformation and environmental durability to slopes.  

Neoloy puts high tensile strength (>16 kN/m) in the slope cover system. Slope stability is increased significantly, which enables the amount and quality of surface cover (topsoil, gravel or concrete) to be reduced. The result is a sustainable and cost-effective solution. 

Neoloy Tough-Cells also maintain their geometry over time. Neoloy’s high resistance to deformation (dimensional stability) prevents volumetric expansion of the geocells for long-term confinement, meeting ASTM geocell standards for slope stabilization. The Neoloy stiff cell walls mechanically protect soil (and plants) from run-off, rill and gully formation and erosive forces. High frictional resistance reduces soil sliding and migration. 

Neoloy anchorage systems prevent uplift forces and enhance stability. Furthermore, Neoloy provides cell-soil-plant interlock, frictional forces and effective drainage to prevent downslope movement and control soil erosion on a slope. The NPA in Neoloy makes it highly resistant to UV, oxidation, water, and other environmental factors. It is also chemically inert, does not leach and has no impact on the environment. 

NPA based Neoloy® is guaranteed to provide reliable landscape stabilization for the project lifespan, as opposed to other geosynthetics, erosion control blankets and other temporary systems. Read more

Vegetative Cover

slope stabilization & Reinforcement solutionsTopsoil and vegetation for erosion control and green landscapes on slopes and shorelines…(Read more)

Granular Cover

slope stabilization & Reinforcement solutionsFor strong and permeable slope stability in slopes, channel banks or in landfill surface covers…(Read more)

 Concrete Cover

slope stabilization & Reinforcement solutionsHard armor maximizes protection for severe hydraulic conditions in channels and reservoirs….(Read more)


  • Tough-Cells – physically protect against run-off, rill and gully formation and erosive forces
  • Frictional resistance – reduces soil sliding & migration
  • Cell perforations – facilitate plant and root interlock to further stabilize soil mass and slope
  • Unique Neoloy polymer technology – high resistance to UV, oxidation, water, extreme temperatures
  • Soil confinement – enhance soil structure and minimizes impact of raindrops
  • Drainage – promote infiltration and limit the impact of hydrostatic forces
  • Cost effective –reduces the quantities of surface cover required (topsoil, gravel or concrete)
  • Long lifespan – maximizes project lifecycle costs
  • Sustainable – enables flow of water, nutrients and soil organisms
  • Landscape – enhance plant growth, soil health and visual landscape

Slope Cover System & Design 

  • Height & inclinations – Neoloy slope protection systems are suitable for any height and inclinations up to 63° or higher in combination with a Neoloy retaining wall.  
  • Anchoring system – anchors with or without tendons are used to fasten the Tough-Cell system to the native soil and prevent sliding downslope; density is calculated by soil, weight, infill, grade and environmental conditions. 
  • Surface cover – erosion control is achieved with natural vegetation or hard armor (concrete or gravel) if exposed to more erosive forces, such as in hydraulic systems. 

Vegetative Cover – Landscaped Slopes

The 3D confinement with high tensile strength reinforces the soil structure while minimizing the impact of raindrops and surface runoff. The stiff Neoloy cell walls and engineered perforation patterns provide an excellent growth stratum to enhance plant growth and facilitate root-soil interlock for a robust ecosystem. 

Neoloy Tough-Cells prevent runoff erosion, sedimentation to local water bodies and loss of fines (air-borne dust) to protect the natural environment. The are also a long-term and more effective solution for slopes than erosion control blankets and other temporary solutions.  

Granular Slope Cover – for Shorelines and Landfills

Channel applications subject to surface erosion, unstable slopes and hydraulic forces – as well as geomembranes – can be protected with Neoloy Tough-Cells using gravel or crushed stone infill for effective protection of slopes/channels subject to severe erosional and hydraulic forces from water, wind or ice.  

Hard Armor Slope Cover – For Drainage Trenches & Channels

Concrete infill is used in places with high flow rates and hydraulic stress, for example, in drainage ditches and trenches at the bottom of highway slopes/embankments subject to concentrated stormwater run-off. The use of concrete infill with Neoloy Tough-Cells has multiple construction advantages – See more. 


  • Erosion control – engineered slopes 
  • Transportation – roadside slopes, abutments 
  • Drainage – stormwater management, ditches, bioswales  
  • Embankments – roadways and railways  
  • Energy – storage tank protective berms 
  • Environmental – green roofs 
  • Mines – site rehabilitation 
  • Geomembrane Protection – reservoirs, landfills 

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