Studies Show how Geocells Improve Seismic Reduction Factors of Retention Walls

D. Leshchinsky (et al) testing of PRS geocell earth retention walls at the National Seismic Research Institute in Japan concluded that geocells can be used successfully for walls even under very high seismic loads (reduction factor of 0.3 - 0.4). The studies noted that geocells made from HDPE are unsuitable for long-term applications, and guidelines were given to PRS to further its development of its Neoloy based Geocell for demanding applications requiring long-term performance.
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Seismic Performance of Geocell Earth-retention Systems (Leshchinsky 2009)

Summary This article by Prof. Leshchinsky (et al) summarizes testing of Neoloy earth retention walls on the large shake table at t...(Read More)

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Equivalent Seismic Coefficient in Geocell Retention Systems (Leshchinsky, Ling et al, 2008)

In this study, relevant results are reported of shake table tests on five different 2.8m high Neoloy Geocell reinforced structures...(Read More)

Green Retaining Wall (England)

Seismic Response of Geocell Retaining Walls (Ling, Leshchinsky, 2009)

This paper summarizes the seismic response of five large-scale retaining walls having a Neoloy Geocell facing. The walls w...(Read More)