Studies Show how Tough-Cells Improve Seismic Reduction Factors of Retention Walls

D. Leshchinsky (et al) testing of PRS Tough-Cell earth retention walls at the National Seismic Research Institute in Japan concluded that Tough-Cells can be used successfully for walls even under very high seismic loads (reduction factor of 0.3 - 0.4). The studies noted that Tough-Cells made from HDPE are unsuitable for long-term applications, and guidelines were given to PRS to further its development of its Neoloy based Tough-Cell for demanding applications requiring long-term performance.
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Seismic Performance of Tough-Cell Earth-retention Systems (Leshchinsky 2009)

Summary This article by Prof. Leshchinsky (et al) summarizes testing of Neoloy earth retention walls on the large shake table at t...(Read More)

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Equivalent Seismic Coefficient in Tough-Cell Retention Systems (Leshchinsky, Ling et al, 2008)

In this study, relevant results are reported of shake table tests on five different 2.8m high Neoloy Tough-Cell reinforced structu...(Read More)

Green Retaining Wall (England)

Seismic Response of Geocell Retaining Walls (Ling, Leshchinsky, 2009)

This paper summarizes the seismic response of five large-scale retaining walls having a Neoloy Tough-Cell facing. The wall...(Read More)