Neoloy Geocell Category D is the only Qualified Solution for Heavy-Duty Infrastructure Applications

Geocell for Heavy Duty

Use Heavy Duty Neoloy Geocell Category D to Save Maintenance Costs on Heavy Duty Load Applications

Neoloy Geocells Category D is the solution for heavy duty load support applications – it gives you the long-term confidence to construct ports, airports and railways over any soil and save construction and maintenance costs

Neoloy Geocell Category D – Heavy Duty: Sample Case Studies

 Geocell for Heavy Duty Geocell for Heavy Duty

1.       Reduce Track Maintenance (Amtrak)

2.       Fast Implementation using Sand

3.       Best Solution for Very Soft Clay Soil

Airports & Ports

1.       Support Heavy Loads on Very Soft Soil

2.       Port Platform using Dredged Sand

3.       Reduce Pavement Maintenance

NOTE: The optimal Neoloy Geocell Category is determined only after PRS evaluates your project requirements and prepares a geotechnical engineering design.

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Download Neoloy Geocell Category-D GeoTechnical Engineering Specification

Typical Heavy Duty Pavement Category-D GeoTechnical Engineering Guidelines

Sample Application & InfillSample Design RequirementsSample Product Specification
Railway – Expansive Clay

Geocell for Heavy Duty

Railway Subballast Reinforcement

Port Pavement Reinforcement

Airport Pavement Reinforcement

PRS-330-100-D in Base LayerPRS-330-120-D in Base LayerPRS-330-150-D in Base Layer

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