What is Neoloy Technology?

Neoloy Technology is based on Novel Polymeric Alloy (NPA) developed to improve the strength and durability of geosynthetics’ products. It is a strong, stiff and creep resistant alloy, the only one in the market today that can guarantee geotechnical-engineering properties for up to 75 years. Neoloy is commercially available to any geosynthetics manufacturer interested in providing long-term warrantied performance to their products.

Why NPA Based Tough-Cells?

Geocell’s technology strengthens soft soil by mechanically confining the soil in three-dimensional honeycomb geometry. The geocell ability to confine soil over the long-term depends on retaining its geometry. If the geocell’s volume changes over time, the infill soil settles, compaction is lost and the design’s parameters invalidated. Even a change of 3% in the geocell’s geometry may result in a structural failure.

  Upon loading, geocells deform over time as a result of the stress on the cell walls.

For example, vertical loading on geocells in load support applications, such as roads, railways, airports, and ports, is transferred laterally to hoop stresses on the cell walls. This stress causes strains (deformations) which gradually accumulate over the project design life. If, and when a geocell (polymer) creeps more than 3%, the change in dimensional stability will result in a loss of soil confinement and the structure may fail.

The NPA material in the PRS Neoloy Tough-Cells enables a new generation of geocell, with performance properties guaranteed for the project design life:

  1. Elastic Stiffness (Dynamic Modulus) maintain stiffness under dynamic loading.
  2. Permanent Deformation (Creep) total accumulated elongation is <3% at the end of the design life
  3. Cell Tensile Strength – maintain geocell geometry under load

Neoloy Tough-Cells– Proven Results

More than 100- academic papers were published validating the effectiveness of Neoloy (NPA) Tough-Cells for soil reinforcement in roads, railways, retaining walls and other geotechnical engineering applications. As a result of this comprehensive research, Neoloy Tough-Cells are the only geocell with a proven engineering methodology that optimizes the cell performance with the structural engineering requirements. Learn more about PRS Geotechnical Engineering Methodology.

In addition, Neoloy Tough-Cells’ superior performance has been proven in 1000’s of projects worldwide. Testimonials from leading engineering firms and institutes attest to the fact that the Neoloy new generation of geocells are qualified for long-term, civil engineering use under any load conditions and environment.

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  • Very high creep resistance – enables long term design
  • Predictable, long-term performance – unlike HDPE Soft-Cells
  • Very high tensile strength
  • Durable under heavy duty dynamic loading
  • Dimensional stability in thermal cycling
  • Effective service range from-60°C to +60°C
  • Very high creep resistance enables 75+ year design life
  • High modulus geocell – suitable for use in base layer of asphalt pavements
  • Enables substantial reduction in structural layers
  • Specifications based on 3D performance parameters, not polymer or strip characteristics
  • Outperforms any other HDPE Soft-Cells or geosynthetic
  • High modulus PRS-Neoloy enables the use of marginal infill and reduction in layer thickness – lowers costs for every project.
  • Increased pavement lifespan decreases project lifecycle costs
  • Increase pavement lifespan– long term savings
  • Lower construction costs – initial savings
  • High strength material enables more cost effective geocell configurations



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