Geosynthetic Soil Stabilization Confinement – Neoloy Geocells and Geogrids

Leading researchers in Holland, USA and India have conducted field trials for geosynthetics reinforcement of road bases. Test data based on deformation, stiffness and reinforcement factors for Neoloy Geocells consistently show higher results for Neoloy Geocells vs. geogrids, in addition to their ability to utilize marginal materials for infill. Hybrid solutions combining geogrids on the subgrade layer and Neoloy Geocells in the base layer have also proven highly effective.
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NPA Geocell Reduction Factor (RF) Compared to Geogrids

This controlled field trial, conducted by KIWA (formely KOAC-NPC), the leading road research and standards institute in Netherland...(Read More)

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NPA Geocell Pavement Reinforcement Compared to Other Geosynthetics

This field and lab study by Rajagopal, et al (2014) confirms that Neoloy Geocell reinforcement increases the rigidity of pavement ...(Read More)


Compaction “Roadeo” Field Trial – Center for Earthworks Engineering, White, et al (2012)

The comparative “Roadeo” field test, evaluated the different engineering properties of 4 geosynthetics in poorly-graded sand emban...(Read More)