Neoloy® Tough-Cells are Revolutionizing Road Construction

Sustainable Solutions for Pavements – Stabilize Soils & Reinforce Base Layers

Neoloy Tough-Cells are a proven sustainable technology for paved roads that do more with less – higher pavement performance, less environmental impact and lower project costs.  

Based on the unique Novel Polymeric Alloy (NPA) properties, Neoloy Tough-Cells add high elastic stiffness (>525 MPa) and tensile strength (>17 kN/m) at low deformation (<3%) to any pavement layer as specified in ASTM, ISO and other geocell standards. Using verified improvement factors, Neoloy Tough-Cells improve soil load bearing capacity by >7x and layer modulus by 2-5x to limit settlement and rutting up to 80% and reduce surface degradation more than conventional paved roads or other geosynthetics.  

The Neoloy high performance is achieved with 50% lower carbon footprint and environmental impacts of road construction. Design optimization reduces layer thickness up to 70% while enabling the use of marginal or recycled materials for infill. The use of finite aggregate resources is reduced as are the energy and emissions associated with production, hauling and placement.  In addition to faster construction and lower costs, Neoloy Tough-Cells also extends the pavement lifespan that reduces lifecycle costs for repairs and maintenance. 


  • 4-6x higher subgrade bearing capacity – stabilized soil  
  • 2.5-5x increased layer stiffness – improved structural support 
  • 75% lower settlements – low surface degradation, rutting
  • Reduce quarrying, aggregates, hauling by 30-80% 
  • Use local, lower quality/recycled fill  
  • Up to 80% lower carbon footprint
  • 50-80% reduction in thickness of granular and asphalt layers 
  • 2-5x extended pavement life  
  • Up to 80% less maintenance
  • Provides very high stiffness, dimensional stability, creep resistance
  • Long-term performance under heavy dynamic loading
  • Outperforms any other HDPE Soft-Cell

Neoloy Paved Roads Stabilization & Reinforcement

Neoloy Tough Cells in road construction enhance the sustainability and performance of pavements – – particularly in soft soils, challenging locations and where aggregate sources are limited. 

Due to the NPA unique material properties, the Neoloy 3D confinement system mechanically confines infill, distributes loads laterally and improves the modulus of support layers. Verified in research and field testing, a beam or slab effect is created by the semi-rigid mattress, that stiffens the road structure. Compaction is maintained, settlement is limited, and deterioration is prevented. Neoloy design benefits include faster, all-weather construction, lighter and thinner structural layers – due to the verified high improvement factors – and pavement traffic bearing/lifespan is increased.  

Neoloy Tough-Cells Sustainability

Neoloy greens road construction by using fewer natural resources and reducing environmental costs. Neoloy Tough-Cells mechanical properties improve the strength of locally won, marginal soils, such as sand and recycled materials for use as structural infill. This reduces quarrying, hauling, and earthworks, thereby lowering virgin aggregate use and the project carbon footprint – more than any other soft-cell (HDPE) geocell or reinforcement geosynthetics. 

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