An Impermeable Solution For Waste Containment

Integrated with geomembrane protection, Neoloy® Tough-Cells create durable impoundment berms for waste containment and treatment.

The cover system for waste containment facilities is designed to minimize infiltration and erosion and control egress of decomposition gases from municipal solid waste. The cover system must have an erosion control layer underlain by an infiltration control layer.

Integrated with geomembrane protection Neoloy Tough-Cells create impermeable, durable impoundment berms for waste containment and treatment. Neoloy slope protection is used to maximize the capacity of modern municipal solid waste landfills, by allowing significantly steeper and higher covers. This includes the protection and stabilization of steep slope surfaces and reinforcement of subbase of bottom liners.

Neoloy creates a soil stabilization system that holds the infill material in place and prevents mass movements by providing tensile reinforcement. Neoloy Tough-Cells also improve the structural and functional behavior of soil infill materials. Filled with concrete, Neoloy is an environmentally safe and non-corrosive solution for mining waste, chemicals, slurry and sludge.


  • Concrete – for containment and treatment ponds
  • Gravel – for landfill drainage and leachate treatment
  • Vegetated – for landfill covers, detention ponds and landscape rehabilitation
  • Neoloy functions as ready-made forms
  • Concrete casting is fast, efficient, and controlled
  • Hard-armor finish is of uniform thickness
  • Resulting flexible slab accommodates subgrade movement and prevents cracking
  • Unique Neoloy® polymer – High long-term resistance to UV, oxidation, water, extreme temperatures
  • Cost-effective solution that reduces logistics, amount of concrete and labor
  • Sustainable – reduces the amount of concrete and associated environmental/project impacts

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