Use of Neoloy NPA Tough-Cells in Reinforced Heavy-duty RAP Pavements, Han, et al (2012)

MATC - Mid-America Transportation Center Report 462

In a cooperative research project sponsored by the US DOT Research and Innovative Technology Administration and the MATC consortium of Mid-Western universities, the objective of this research was to confirm the concept of using RAPs with geocells to reconstruct damaged pavements by heavy trucks and examine the benefit of Neoloy Tough-Cells to the pavement life as compared with unreinforced base courses.

On-site use of recycled asphalt pavement materials has obvious benefits from economic, to environmental, to sustainability points of view. This research demonstrated the benefits of using recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) materials in Neoloy Tough-Cell-reinforced base courses with a thin new overlay.

“The novel polymeric alloy (NPA) Tough-Cell reinforcement significantly reduced the permanent deformation of the flexible pavement and increased the pavement life by a factor of 10.”

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