Geocell Strength – Use the Right Neoloy Tough-Cells Optimized to your Application and Needs

Thanks to Neoloy® Tough-Cells’ unique high elastic stiffness, resistance to creep and tensile strength you can now save costs and resources by optimizing the geocell configuration to your project needs

PRS enables you to customize geocells  to the project requirements thereby maximizing your cost-efficiency.

PRS Neoloy Tough-Cells – unlike other geocells – are manufactured in several strength categories (A-D) according to application profiles. We calculate the typical loads, soils, environmental conditions, etc., of the project / design to select the suitable performance category (in addition to the cell size and height). Our aim is to match the geocell type with the requirements of your project to optimize your cost vs. performance.

Neoloy Tough-Cells Categories – Typical Applications *

Category B –
Category C –
Category D –
Heavy Duty
 Geocell Reinforcement  Geocell Reinforcement  Geocell Reinforcement
Use: Earth Stabilization for Channels, Retaining Walls, Road Subgrades Use: Road Base Reinforcement for Access, Asphalt Roads Use: Heavy Duty Loads for Airports, Railways, Ports, Platforms
See Neoloy Tough-Cells Category B Specifications See Neoloy Tough-Cells Category C Specifications See Neoloy Tough-Cells Category D Specifications

* Different Neoloy Tough-CellsCategories may be used for different applications depending upon the design/project requirements.

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