Neoloy Technology

Neoloy® is a breakthrough in cellular confinement technology. Based on nano-fibers in a polyolefin matrix, the novel polymeric alloy combines the ductility of HDPE with the dimensional stability and creep resistance of polyester. This provides the Neoloy Tough-Cells with unprecedented stiffness, tensile strength and durability. Neoloy Tough-Cells are manufactured in multi-layer strips of high durability layers around a high strength core to provide optimal performance – strength, flexibility and chemical stability.


Neoloy® NPA – Novel Polymeric Alloy for Strong & Stiff Geocells

What is Neoloy Technology? Neoloy Technology is based on Novel Polymeric Alloy (NPA) developed to improve the strength and durabil...(Read More)

Geocell Neoloy Technology

Performance Based Specs

Neoloy® Tough-Cells enable confinement in applications where no other geocell dare to go. That’s why PRS developed new stand...(Read More)

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Geocell Environmental Durability

Providing long-term protection that is required by geocell polymers is a complicated process requiring a high degree of technical ...(Read More)


Dimensional Stability

Changes in temperature cause expansion and contraction of any material – In a polymeric geocell heating expands the cell resulting...(Read More)

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Geocells Elastic Stiffness (DMA) Test

Polymers tend to lose elastic modulus over time, particularly under dynamic loading. A geocell system must maintain stiffness and ...(Read More)


Oxidation & UV Resistance

Providing long-term protection required by geocell polymers is a complicated process requiring a high degree of technical competen...(Read More)


SIM Accelerated Creep

The Stepped Isothermal Method (SIM) was developed to predict the accelerated creep of polymers for a lifespan of 50-100 years (AST...(Read More)