Research and Validation of Neoloy® Tough-Cells' Unique Modulus Improvement Factor (MIF)

Significant research based on field, lab and numerical analyses, by Rajagopal (et al) an internationally recognized leader in the field of geotechnical engineering, and Kief (et al) an expert geotechnical engineer, has verified that the MIF (Modulus Improvement Factor) is a reliable method for quantifying the Neoloy (NPA - Novel Polymeric Alloy) Tough-Cell contribution to pavement structures, and can be used in design methodology for all types of road, rail and heavy pavements, particularly on expansive clay soils.

Tough-Cell Reinforced Road Pavement Structures, Rajagopal, et al (2012)

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Railways geocell research

3D Tough-Cell Contribution to Structural Pavement Reinforcement, Kief and Rajagopal

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Structural Pavement Design with NPA Tough-Cells, Kief (2015)

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Plate Load Tests of Unpaved Road

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Modulus Improvement Factor for Neoloy Reinforced Bases

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