Geocell Bearing Capacity Improvement in Road Construction

Studies by Meyer and Emersleben evaluated how the geocell reinforcement mechanisms work, and describe the improved geotechnical engineering forces provided by the soil-cell composite structure. Results from full- scale field testing validated the results achieved in plate box test testing. Neoloy Tough-Cells increased load bearing capacity by 5x, reduced differential settlement by up to 80% and decreased vertical stresses by more than 40%; in addition the performance of a 40 cm Neoloy Tough-Cell reinforced base layer equaled a 70 cm unreinforced layer with high quality aggregate.

Bearing Capacity Improvement of Gravel Base Layers Using Neoloy (Emersleben, Meyer 2008)

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Use of Geocells in Road Construction over Soft Soil (Emersleben, Meyer 2008)

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Interaction of Hoop Stresses and Earth Resistance on Geocell Reinforcement (Emersleben, Meyer 2009)

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Bearing Capacity Improvement of Asphalt Paved Road With Geocells (Emersleben, Mayer 2008)

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