Neoloy® Tough-Cells for earth retention & erosion control

Integrated reinforced retention and slope protection systems are used frequently for unstable, steep and or high slopes.

Integrated reinforced retention and slope protection systems are used frequently for unstable, steep and or high slopes. These slopes are typically part of road construction cut and fill earthworks with sharp grade changes or unstable slopes susceptible to landslides. In such projects, the multiple advantages of Neoloy Tough-Cells earth stabilization are integrated into one comprehensive solution that combines Neoloy erosion control slope protection for stable slopes, with earth retention for unstable slopes.

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  • Seismic resistance
  • Efficient drainage and stormwater management
  • Uses low grade/local granular infill
  • Cost effective particular when compared to other solutions
  • Low installation cost and Total Cost of Ownership
  • Green wall with vegetated fascia on the outer rows for a soft, green and aesthetic retention solution
  • Use of local granular material for structural infill
  • High stiffness and strength with very low creep
  • Dimensionally stable for reliable confinement in a wide temperature range
  • Resistant to stress-cracking, particularly at temperature extremes
  • Very resistant to additive leaching, oxidation and photochemical degradation

Additional Earth Stabilization Solutions

  • Embankments – Neoloy cellular confinement can be used to reinforce embankment at the foot of soft subgrade or at the middle /top layers of the embankment itself. In any configuration, Neoloy Tough-Cell increases strength and prevents deformation in the foundation. Typically applications include roads, rails and other construction projects with variable grades.
  • Failed Slopes – For unstable and/or steep slopes where water runoff causes hillside erosion, Neoloy retaining walls and structures can be constructed downhill from soil fault lines or a foundation losing supporting soil.
  • Mechanically Stabilized Earth – Engineers and landscape architects use Neoloy soil stabilization for retention walls (mechanically stabilized earth solutions – MSE) where slopes are impractical. Neoloy Tough-Cell retention walls can be erected quickly with each layer structurally stable as construction progresses
  • Site Extension – The need to increase usable space by terracing sloped properties or marginal land is increasingly important as flat sites become ever scarcer in many regions. The cost-effective construction of reinforced retaining walls enables builders to maximize their use of the site for earth stabilization
  • Green Fascia Wall – By facing a wall with Neoloy cellular confinement, the integrity of a wall retention structure is improved and protected from environmental factors. Moreover, it becomes an aesthetically attractive and terraced green wall by planting in the open front fascia.

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