Neoloy Tough-Cells Combined with Geogrids Maximizes Embankments and Foundations

Extensive experimental and numerical studies and field analyses by Hedge and Sitharam show that Neoloy Tough-Cell combined with geogrids are suitable for a wide range of reinforcement applications - including road and rail embankments, mining, buried pipelines and even machine foundation beds.

Review of Tough-Cell Reinforcement Research & Practices, Hedge (2017)

This paper is a comprehensive survey and review of latest geocell studies, field testing, state of the art knowledge and present t...(Read More)

Poland Road Repair with Utilities

Studies on Tough-Cell Protection of Buried Pipelines and Utilities, Hedge and Sitharam (2015)

The safety of buried pipelines and underground utilities has become of paramount importance to avoid the social, economic and envi...(Read More)

geocell Embankment Over Waste Pond, India - website

Tough-Cell Reinforced Embankment on Red Mud (Sitharam, Hedge, 2013)

Embankments are an essential part of the construction of roads, railways, reservoirs, earth dams and other facilities. When constr...(Read More)