Neoloy Geocell Embankment Foundation on Soft Red Mud Combined with Geogrid Maximizes Stabilization

Experimental study and field analysis show that the bearing capacity of the 3m embankment foundation increased by 4-6x, as Neoloy reinforcement acts as a large mattress that transfers the load widely, while reducing the footing settlement and surface heaving. Hybrid Neoloy Geocell - geogrid reinforcement is recommended by the authors for solutions to mining industries and road and rail embankments in the transportation sectors.
geocell Embankment Over Waste Pond, India - website

Geocell Reinforced Embankment on Red Mud (Sitharam, Hedge, 2013)

Embankments are an essential part of the construction of roads, railways, reservoirs, earth dams and other facilities. When constr...(Read More)