Studies of Neoloy Tough-Cell Stabilization of Railway Tracks, Ballast and Embankments Extensive technical papers include Palese, Zarembski (et al) published results of extensive monitoring of an Amtrak rail stabilization project with Neoloy Tough-Cells that showed a 7x reduction in track maintenance; Kief's published results of hybrid reinforcement projects showing how Neoloy Tough-Cells reduce heaving of expansive clay soils; and B. Leshchinsky and Ling's published research on loading tests and numerical analyses of model rail embankments that demonstrated Neoloy Tough-Cells cut vertical deformation and lateral displacement by >50% and increase track stiffness by >160%.
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High Speed Railway Life Cycle Benefits of Using Tough-Cell (Palese, Zarembski, et al, 2017)

A comprehensive performance test was conducted on high-speed rail track which suffered from geometry track degradation and substru...(Read More)

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NPA Tough-Cell Track Support Reduces Degradation (Zaremski, et al 2017)

Description A full scale in-track field evaluation of Neoloy (NPA) Tough-Cell was performed under actual main line conditions on A...(Read More)

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Rail Track on Expansive Clay Restrained by Hybrid Solution (Kief, 2016)

NPA Tough-Cell and Geogrid Hybrid Geosynthetic Solution for Rail Track on Expansive Clay, Geo-Americas 2016 Conference Proceedings...(Read More)


Enhancing Ballast Performance using NPA Tough-Cell Confinement (B. Leshchinsky, 2011)

Enhancing Ballast Performance using Neoloy Tough-Cell Confinement, Geo-Frontiers, Dallas, Leshchinsky, B., (2011) Click Here to do...(Read More)

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Research: Neoloy Tough-Cell road pavement reinforcement & railways (2011)

This study by Kief and Toan, published in Geotec Hanoi, surveys worldwide research, demonstrating that NPA Tough-Cells improve lay...(Read More)

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Research: Hybrid Tough-Cell Solution for Rail Track on Expansive Clay

A Hybrid Geosynthetic Solution was used in a new track foundation over weak expansive clays. This unique solution combines Neoloy ...(Read More)


Numerical Modeling of Railway Structure with NPA Tough-Cells (B. Leshchinsky and Ling 2013)

Numerical Modeling of Railway Ballasted Structure with PRS-Neoloy, Geotextiles and Geomembranes, Leshchinsky, and Ling (2013). Cli...(Read More)