Neoloy® Tough-Cells Category B is the most Qualified Solution for Drainage Systems, Channel Protection and Earth Retention

Qualified Neoloy Geocell

Neoloy Tough-Cells Category B – Qualified for Channels and Retaining Walls

Neoloy Tough-Cells Category-B provides strong, durable and reliable protection for earth retention walls and channels subject to high flows, typically using soil, gravel or concrete for structural infill.

Advantages of Qualified Category B for Drainage and Channels:

  • Self-draining – prevents hydrostatic pressures.
  • Flexible – prevents cracking or degradation.
  • More cost-effective – than concrete, rip-rap, gabions.
  • Non-degradable – resistant to water, UV, temperatures.

Advantages of Qualified Category B for Walls:

  • Save concrete/costs in design and installation
  • Very fast installation – does not require heavy machinery
  • A flexible system yields to earth movement (high seismic resistance).
  • More cost-effective than concrete, segmental retaining walls (SRW), gabions and green walls.

Neoloy Tough-Cells Category-B Qualified: Sample Case Studies

 Qualified Neoloy Geocell  Qualified Neoloy Geocell
·       Reinforced Waste Pond Embankment

·       Bioswale Stormwater Management

·       Foundation Stabilization for Reservoir

·       Steep Slopes (45-81⁰) & Seismic Resistant

·       High Slopes (no limitation)

·       Integrated Earth Stabilization

: The optimal Neoloy Tough-Cells Category is determined only after PRS evaluates your project requirements and prepares a geotechnical engineering design.

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Neoloy Tough-Cells Qualified Category-B GeoTechnical Engineering Properties

Download Full Neoloy Tough-Cells Category-B GeoTechnical Engineering Specification

Typical GeoTechnical Engineering and Landscape Architecture Design Guidelines

Application & Infill Sample Design Requirements Sample Product Specification
Drainage Channels Infill: Concrete

Qualified Neoloy Geocell

Flow Velocity ≤5m/sec,

Side-slope <34⁰ (1V:1.5H):

Flow Velocity ≤6m/sec, Side-slope <45⁰ (1V:1H):





Retaining Walls Infill: Granular Material

Qualified Neoloy Geocell


Gravity Wall: <5m height

·Reinforced Wall: >5m height

Acoustic Barrier

Free Standing wall



PRS-445-200-B, 4-cell wide (1.16m),

+ uni-axial geogrids


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