Improve Pipeline Access, Construction and Integrity

Neoloy® Tough-Cells solutions enable access for pipeline construction and stabilization for above and underground pipelines

The Challenge

The first challenge for energy producers and utilities is to construct pipelines in difficult environmental and logistical conditions. The second challenge is to ensure the integrity of the pipelines and their safe operation. Neoloy Tough-Cells soil reinforcement solutions help do both.

The Neoloy Tough-Cell Solution

Neoloy Tough-Cells are an ideal solution for oil and gas pipeline construction since they are the most effective in the toughest conditions. Logistics and installation are simple – Neoloy Tough-Cells come in folded sections and use locally available granular soil for infill. This makes road-building fast and cost-effective. Neoloy Tough-Cells stabilized access roads over soft sand, clay or peat soils provides high bearing capacity – heavy construction equipment and specialized trailers for the heavy pipes – even- makes pipeline construction quicker, more efficient and with a small environmental footprint.

Protect buried and above-ground pipelines from erosive forces on one hand and ground movement on the other with Neoloy Tough-Cells. They can be used for ground stabilization of the pipelines in difficult terrain, and reinforce spans that cross over rivers or other crossings. Neoloy Tough-Cell reinforcement reduces pressure on buried pipelines, allowing them to be placed at shallower depths. This leads to additional lower construction and maintenance costs.

Why Neoloy Tough-Cells

The guaranteed long-term durability of the Neoloy novel polymeric alloy in Neoloy Tough-Cells has been proven in pipeline construction in extreme environments from the Siberian arctic to the Kazakhstan deserts. In addition to its high stiffness, creep resistance and tensile strength, Neoloy based Tough-Cells are non-degrading and highly resistant to UV radiation, chemicals and water. Neoloy cellular confinement systems also physically protect buried gas, oil and sewage pipelines from vehicular traffic as well as from accidental or harmful human activities in both rural or urban contexts.

Click here for pipeline case study – Gazprom, Siberian arctic, Russia

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  • Withstands long-term dynamic or static loading without deformation
  • Proven engineering parameters guarantee long-term design life
  • Flexibility dampens vibrations and ground movement for seismic resistance
  • Use locally available borrow pits for structural infill and soil stabilization
  • Reduce or eliminate need to import aggregate for large distances
  • Reduce pipeline construction and maintenance costs
  • Protect pipelines and utilities from seismic activity, trafficking, flooding and ice
  • Provides reliable and safe transportation for equipment, vehicles and work crews and vehicles
  • Reduce the risk of damage to pipelines and environmentally harmful leaks

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