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Over the past 20 years PRS has implemented thousands of soil stabilization projects worldwide. Our innovative geocell technology, coupled with proven engineering methods, helped many organizations achieve their goals. In some cases, the objective was to support heavy loads over a swamp, desert or any other weak soil. In other cases, the objective was to save project / maintenance costs or to save valuable time and resources.

A core value of PRS is that we are committed to our customers’ success.

The sample testimonials below demonstrate how PRS helps customers achieve their goals.

Ancora Pavement Engineering, Mexico – Building an Airport over a Swamp

Ancora Pavement Engineering


Mario Evaristo, CEO, Ancora Ingenieria, Mexico: “Before PRS-Neoloy Geocell implemented, the airport platform had 1-2cm settlements on a monthly basis. Today, after 4 years since we implemented PRS solution, our recent measurements have shown zero settlement!”  Read more about Interjet Mexico Airport Case Study

Road Construction in Afghanistan – Local Infill at ZERO cost

Road Construction in Afghanistan

Lt. Colonel MTG Bazeley, Royal Engineers, British Army: “We used Neoloy to contain locally won fill material (at zero cost) so that costly aggregate was only required to produce a wearing surface. This allowed for a reduction in the quantity of aggregate required to a quarter of that a normal unbound aggregate road”. Read More About Afghanistan Access Road Case Study.

Israel Railway Project – Significant Savings Expected in Maintenance Costs

Israel Railway Project

Dr. A Rabinovitch, Route Planning Manager, Israel Railways:“The absolute and comparative results between the two tracks prove in the most consistent manner that the reinforcement method provides a complete solution to the problem of weak subgrade. Significant savings are expected in maintenance costs to the israel railway from the use of this method on expensive clay soils”.
Read More About Israel Railway Reinforcement Case Study.

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