PRS provides specialized engineering services using proven Tough-Cells technology for long-term performance

Courtesy of Paradox Access Solutions, Authorized PRS Distributor in North America

Engineering Design  

PRS Engineering provides expert geotechnical solutions for civil engineering, transportation and infrastructure based on the PRS Neoloy® Tough-Cells cellular confinement system. Its range of experience includes 1000’s of implemented designs for sustainable soil stabilization and reinforcement of roads, railways, ports, airports, working platforms and all types of slopes, channels and earth stabilization solutions. Supported by extensive R&D, worldwide field experience, 100+ published papers and international geocell standards, PRS Engineering expertise is optimizing projects and  value engineering – high performance solutions that save time, money and resources.. 

Proven Engineering is Key to Long Term Performance 

PRS Engineering is ‘designed’ for A-Z customer support, from technical consultations to engineering design to project support for all types of geotechnical, load support and earth stabilization projects. Solutions are based on proven engineering design methodologies and improvement factors validated for the PRS Neoloy® Tough Cells. The result is optimized project design, value engineering and service life suitable for today’s infrastructure. The goal is full customer satisfaction. PRS is the only Tough-Cells provider providing a free, geotechnical engineering design tailored to your project needs based on: 

  • Evaluation – analysis of the project data, site, requirements, goals and design options. 
  • Improvement Factors – validated Support Improvement Factor (SIF) and Modulus Improvement Factor (MIF). 
  • Optimization – designing the most cost-effective Tough-Cells’ configuration for each project. 
  • Long Term Performance – support loads, traffic for the entire project design life. 
  • Value engineering – savings in terms of time, costs, equipment, resources and carbon footprint. 

Engineering Design & Optimization 

Based on your project requirements, PRS Geotechnical Engineering will provide you with the most cost-effective design, including: 

  • Cell Geometry – opening cell size (weld distance) and cell height. 
  • Cell Strength – the dynamic mechanical modulus and permanent deformation (creep) required to maintain the geocell geometry at the end of the design life. 
  • Application Design – full design tools and drawings for pavements, rails, platforms, retaining walls, slope and channels. 
  • Infill Materials – evaluating infill material options, including the use of locally available materials to save time and costs. 

Engineering Design for All Applications 

Fill out a simple design request and PRS Engineering will supply your civil and geotechnical engineers with free consultations, guidelines and design configurations for any soil stabilization and basal reinforcement project: 

  • Unpaved Roads – sustainable solutions for highest loads/traffic in most challenging soils, while using local infill and 70% reduction in pavement thickness – unpaved road design request 
  • Paved Roads – reduce pavement layers (asphalt and support), use recycled infill and decrease maintenance/increase service life – paved road design request 
  • Railways – stabilize soft subgrade, increase train speeds and loads, decrease track maintenance by 82% – design request form 
  • Ports & Platforms – support heavy dynamic and static loads with cost-effective heavy-duty pavements using sand – design request form 
  • Retaining Walls – create durable, green walls, with fast construction and low logistical footprint – retaining wall design request 
  • Slopes & Channels – permanent erosion control via mechanical stabilization with natural landscape or hard armor for water projects – slope protection design request. 

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