Stabilize Log Yards to Improve Efficiency, Productivity and Profitability

Neoloy® Geocells create all-weather, durable log yards for sawmills to increase log handling, operator safety and wood production.

The Challenge in Constructing Log Yards

Log yards at sawmills may have the heaviest loading operations in the worst soil conditions, leading to inefficient operations affected by weather and expensive yard maintenance. This is where the Neoloy® Geocell solution thrives as it was designed for the Toughest Conditions.

The Neoloy Solution for Log Yards Construction

Neoloy Geocells subgrade soil stabilization and base layer reinforcement solution create a strong working platform that limits degradation, even under the intensive heavy-duty use. Neoloy Geocell solutions have proven to eliminate log yard downtime, increase production and improve profitability.

One layer of Neoloy Geocells stabilizes soft saturated subgrade to improve its bearing capacity for a strong working platform, while another Neoloy layer in the base reinforces the pavement structure and increases its modulus. The Neoloy Geocell distributes vertical loading, improves drainage and prevents rutting of the gravel yard surface course from heavy log handling machinery.

All-weather installation is fast – the reduced pavement thickness and the use of locally available marginal soil for infill – cut construction time and as costs even more. Made from Neoloy novel polymeric alloy, the Neoloy Geocell has a higher modulus improvement factor than any other geogrid or geocell, while its performance is guaranteed to last for the pavement design life.

Why Neoloy Geocells for Log Yard Construction Stabilization

The Neoloy Geocell has been proven in logging yards and logging roads; in the words of one Canadian log yard manager, it made a “world of difference:”

  • Eliminates downtime for repairs
  • Increased production – enabled 24/7 operations
  • Improved worker productivity, safety, morale
  • Reduced mobile equipment maintenance costs
  • Fast ROI and increased profitability – $1 million initial savings

See log yard case-study


  • Create a semi-rigid “mattress” to better distribute heavy loads
  • 3D mechanical stabilization increases stiffness, strength and bearing capacity
  • Higher modulus improvement factor than any other geosynthetic
  • Improve log yard operations and profitability
  • Reduce required pavement thickness, saving construction costs
  • Significantly extend pavement lifespan, reducing cost of maintenance and replacement
  • Cut transportation of materials, reducing carbon footprint
  • Enable logging facilities to operate more efficiently, saving electricity, gas and water
  • Prolonged life-cycle, reducing use of material and energy for repairs

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