PRS Neoloy® Tough-Cells provide value along the entire energy production chain – exploration, production, transport downstream and distribution.

suncor-haul-road-canada008Access Roads for Oil & Gas Exploration 

New energy sources are often found at nature’s extremes – and that’s what our soil stabilization solution was designed for: tough, reliable access roads over any soil, to any site, over any terrain and in any weather. (Read more)


Stabilize Oil Pads & Drilling Platforms

Improve ground bearing capacity for the construction and operation of oil and gas drilling pads and platforms with the Neoloy Tough-Cells solution. It is easy to transport and install in remote drill sites, unaffected by weather or site conditions. (Read more)


oil-pipeline-kazakhstan2Stabilize and Protect Pipelines

Overcome logistic challenges of pipeline construction with an easy to deploy soil stabilization solution for: access for heavy equipment, stabilization for pipes and ground improvement for pumping stations and terminals. (Read more)


Soil Stabilization for Wind & Solar Farms

Alternative energy sources are typically located in remote locations with terrain and problematic soils. The more challenging the conditions are, the more reasons you need Neoloy Tough-Cell solutions for reliable access roads, construction platforms and service roads. (Read more)


Stabilized Roads for Power & Utilities

The erection and maintenance of towers and substations for utilities and mobile networks need reliable access over difficult terrain. Neoloy Tough-Cells create stable roads for heavy construction equipment that remain in-use for long-term service and maintenance . (Read more)


Buried Pipeline Protection

Underground utilities in urban areas require high reliability and resilience to prevent disruptions and complicated repairs. Reinforcement with Neoloy Tough-Cells enables construction of pipelines at shallow depths, and protects underground infrastructure from vertical pressures for long-term dependable performance. (Read more)


Coal Ash Waste Management

Disposal of fly ash generated by coal-fired power plants requires reliable ground, slope and containment protection systems. That’s what Neoloy Tough-Cells do – reinforce ground, stabilize slopes and protect geomembranes to guarantee the safety of energy waste management systems. (Read more)



  • Enable year-round operations including rainy season with all-weather roads
  • Increase road bearing capacity in terms of loads and traffic
  • Save wear and tear on tires and haul truck equipment
  • Reduce construction costs – construct stronger roads with less resources
  • Extend lifespan and reduce maintenance
  • Improve soil bearing capacity – stabilize even weakest soil
  • Increase infill modulus – achieve higher strength at lower costs
  • Reduce layer/infill thickness – without sacrificing performance
  • Increase pavement strength – for any size load and decrease maintenance cycles
  • Best erosion control practice – protect slopes, geomembranes
  • Enhance vegetation and landscapes
  • Excellent drainage and protection from rain, runoff and storm water
  • Permanent solution designed to last
  • Maximum stabilization at minimum costs
  • Easy logistics and fast construction
  • Provide green face
  • Strong, durable and high seismic reliability

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