The extensive research, development, testing, and patents and the Neoloy® nano-polymeric alloy (NPA) for PRS-Neoweb™ geocells are evidence of PRS’ leadership in the field of geocells. These efforts included collaborative research with world renowned geotechnical experts and researchers, with over 55 professional published papers in the last 10 years.

The collaborative testing and certification program also included leading institutes and transportation authority’s around the world, such as US Federal and State Departments of Transportation (DOTs), The Mid-America Transportation Center, the US Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), RZD Russian National Railways, KOAC-NPC Road Standards Institute, Holland, Indian Roads Congress and other standards, geosynthetics and transportation bodies around the world.

The published research with PRS-Neoweb geocells is divided into the following general categories.

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Solution for Rail Track on Expansive Clay, Kief (2016)

For rail track in these areas, the resultant heaving and shrinking causes severe degradation of rail alignment, requiring extensive maintenance.... (Read more)


Pavement Reinforcement

High-Modulus Geocells for Sustainable Highway Infrastructure, Indian Geotechnical Journal: Special Issue on Transportation Geotechnics, Kief, et al... (Read more)


Reinforced Bases

The following is a sample of comprehensive studies, moving wheel tests, static and dynamic loading tests and field trials conducted... (Read more)


Geogrid Trial Road Base

The leading road research and standards institute in Holland conducted controlled field trials for geosynthetics reinforcement of road bases. Test... (Read more)


Bearing Capacity

These studies published in a number of papers have thoroughly evaluated the use of PRS-Neoweb™ geocells for reinforcement of flexible... (Read more)


PRS-Neoweb – Railway Embankment

These papers describe research on loading tests of model rail embankments. The tests measured the strength and deformation behavior of... (Read more)


Earth Retention

The following three papers authored by Dr. Leshchinsky (et al) reviewed testing of PRS-Neoweb™ earth retention walls at the shake... (Read more)