60m High Reinforced Retaining Wall Stabilizes Mountain Slope

Neoloy Geocells were utilized in order to stabilize a mountain slope in Russia prone to landslides, helping reinforce a huge 60m high retaining wall.


A wooded sandstone mountain in the district of Khanty-Mansiysk in Russia was experiencing landslides due to erosion and freezing and thawing cycles. The landslides also blocked the access road to the city, caused drainage and flooding problems, and marred the landscape at the entrance to the city. A retaining wall reaching up to 60 meters was needed.

Conventional Solution

One possibility was to build a reinforced concrete retaining wall with a deep foundation, at very great heights. This solution required suitable base materials and very deep excavation work. This solution was not chosen due to the area’s problematic soil and ground water. Another possibility was to spray concrete together with very expensive ground anchors due to the huge height of the wall, but this solution lacked long-term strength.

Neoloy Geocell Solution

The slope was stabilized, up to a height of 60 meters above the base of the hill, by a retaining wall built with horizontal layers of 200 mm high Neoloy Geocell. A complex system of heavy wall and slope soil stabilization (the back filling) was installed, combined with a front geocell retention wall that provided additional support considering the wall’s huge dimensions. Geogrids were used for horizontal reinforcement. The project scope involved about 2 million square meters of retention wall.

  • Superior stability without the need for adding foundation materials
  • Rapid installation in comparison to the alternatives
  • Substantial project cost savings – the use of local sand, instead of stone or concrete that were not available at the site, saved millions of dollars
  • Enhanced flexibility of the retaining wall enabled it to withstand the ground’s seismic movement
  • The client successfully implemented a highly stable infrastructure project of massive proportions while enjoying significant time and cost savings.