Rural Access Road Reinforcement Over Poor Soil

Neoloy®Geocells provided ideal solution to reinforce a rural access road over peat soil with poor load-bearing capacity.


A rural road, which crosses areas of peat and bogs, suffered from large settlements and poor load support. The road had particularly poor load-bearing capacity, making it unsuitable for transporting heavy vehicles or supporting a pipeline that was intended to travel along the road. As the area was a nature reserve, the nature authorities demanded a solution that would not cause damage to the environment either during installation or after possible future removal.

Old Approach

A conventional solution involves laying a granular, non-reinforced road of double thickness. Such a solution requires large quantities of granular fill as well as considerable time and effort to compact the granular fill.

Neoloy Geocell Solution

In order to overcome the very poor load-bearing capacity of the soil, a unique solution was devised using two layers of 200 mm high Neoloy Geocells, which were filled with low-grade granular fill mixed with local coal dust. This resulted in a stable surface with high load-support capabilities, enabling travel over the road by heavy trucks and agricultural machinery. The project involved a total of 90,000 square meters.

  • As much as 40% reduction in required granular fill, resulting in significant cost savings
  • Decreased need to compact the granular infill, resulting in a 30% decrease in installation time
  • Year-round support of heavy vehicle traffic with minimal road damage or maintenance
  • Improved confinement of soil particles, preventing erosion from weather and internal flow

Neoloy was selected due to its ability to increase load-bearing capacity sufficiently to support heavy vehicles, and its minimal impact on the environment during installation and after removal. Neoloy Geocells proved themself as an effective “green” solution that successfully addressed the client’s requirements.