Reinforced Seawall Protects Against Flooding

When high tides and coastal erosion threatened flooding, a new seawall reinforced by Neoloy®Tough-Cells provided a durable and aesthetic solution.


The client needed to create a protective wall to prevent flooding in an old canal, due to high tides and coastal erosion. In addition, the solution had to withstand wave action as well as corrosion from sea water.

Conventional Solution

One solution considered was using iron netting filled with rocks, which had failed previously due to corrosion caused by sea water. Another option was to build a reinforced concrete wall with prefabricated elements.

Neoloy Tough-Cell Solution

The chosen solution involved building a reinforced retaining wall made up of horizontal layers of 200mm high Neoloy Tough-Cell. The front cells were filled with concrete, while the rest of the cells were filled with granular fill of lower quality.

  • Substantial time savings of about 50% by constructing the solution in a single step
  • Enhanced durability and flexibility of the reinforced wall
  • Aesthetic appearance that blends into the landscape
  • Neoloy was successfully used to build a durable yet aesthetic wall that saved the client significant time and money.