Strong, Green Retaining Wall For Sensitive Historical Site

Horace's villa was prone to landslides, but Neoloy®Tough-Cells enabled a green retaining wall to be built, allowing the site to maintain its unique character.

The Challenge –  Building a Green Wall with no Heavy Vehicles 

Excavations during the restoration of Horace’s Villa, a significant archaeological site, caused landslides. The client needed to implement a solution that would suit the site’s ancient character. Moreover, heavy vehicles could not access the site.

Old Approach – Concrete Retaining Wall

The conventional approach calls for constructing a concrete retaining wall. However, such a solution would not fit in with the nature of the site, and would pose logistical problems in terms of delivering the necessary materials to the site.

The Solution – Neoloy Tough-Cells

The client built retaining walls with Neoloy Tough-Cells, which were colored to suit to the hue of the soil. The flexibility of the solution enabled it to easily stabilize and fit the irregular yet sensitive slope. The Neoloy cells were filled with topsoil to enable the growth of vegetation for a natural landscape.


  • Fast, cost-effective construction
  • No negative impact on the archaeological site
  • No complex logistics or use of heavy vehicles


Neoloy Tough-Cells enabled the integration of strong, flexible “green” retaining walls at a sensitive location. If necessary, these walls can be easily dismantled in the future without damage to the site, thus restoring it to its previous state.