Steep Slope Stabilization During Road Construction

With the Pope soon to arrive, Neoloy®Tough-Cells were used for steep slope stabilization while a road was constructed, traversing a deep gully.


The challenge involved protecting a steep slope while building a road prior to the Pope’s visit to Nazareth during his trip to Israel in 2000. The project involved traversing a wadi (gulley) that was 80 meters deep. The slope had a steep vertical incline that did not allow the planting of vegetation.

Old Approach

An alternative approach under consideration was packing spreading a large quantity of gardening soil on the embankment slope side and the planting of vegetation. This solution would not strengthen the stability of the slope, which was likely to disintegrate as a result of severe erosion during the rainy season.

Neoloy Tough-Cell Solution

The client decided to install a reinforced solution created by placing a 200mm high Neoloy Tough-Cell array on geotextile fabrics, anchoring it with NeoClips, infilling it with topsoil, and planting vegetation.

  • Effective reinforcement of a steep slope and its protection against erosion
  • Rapid installation process
  • Substantial savings of about 30% of the project cost as a result of reduced soil needs