Bike Path Reinforcement Project in England Saves Costs

Used with low-grade infill, Neoloy®Tough-Cells provided the perfect bike path reinforcement to pavement in England, saving time and money.


The project involved a footpath that had to be able to serve cyclists as well. The sandy clay soil composition, coupled with frequent rainfall and areas of standing water, led to heavy soil erosion and poor load-bearing capacity. The reinforcement solution had to prevent the constant reappearance of potholes, and required rapid supply and installation, without the need for constant post-installation maintenance. The finished path had to complement the natural green landscape through which it passed.

Old Approach

A conventional approach involves installing several layers of compacted graded crushed stone. However, rapid erosion due to frequent rainfall causes large deformation along of the path and frequent potholes. As a result, this solution requires constant maintenance. 

Neoloy Tough-Cell Solution

A layer of 100 mm perforated Neoloy Tough-Cell was installed, using low-grade crushed stone infill as sub-base reinforcement. This solution saved time, manpower and money, while creating a low-maintenance, natural path that suited the landscape. The solution also enabled treating specific problem areas only, without the need to treat or pave the entire path.

  • Simple installation requiring as much as 30% less time
  • Higher load-bearing capacity
  • Aesthetic solution complementing the natural landscape
  • No need for constant maintenance


Using the Neoloy Tough-Cell solution, the client quickly completed installation of a reinforced path that not only increased load-bearing capacity but also fit in aesthetically with the surrounding landscape.