Quick And Green Retaining Wall Construction

In a residential project in Northern England, retaining wall construction using Neoloy® Tough-Cells provided a strong, green and aesthetic solution to erosion.


The developer of this residential project needed to stabilize a clay /sand stone slope to enable construction of adjacent apartment buildings (at distances as little as 1.2 m from the buildings). The soil suffered from erosion and poor bearing capacity. To gain residents’ approval, the solution had to be strong and aesthetic. Since the wall would be visible from many of the properties, residents demanded a green-faced solution to suit the surrounding park landscape requirements.

Conventional Solution

One solution considered involved constructing a reinforced concrete wall or crib wall, which did not suit the landscape and required large quantities of steel. Due to the proximity to the building, this solution was rejected.

Neoloy Tough-Cell Solution

The developer installed a series of staggered Neoloy Tough-Cell strips, infilled with local topsoil, to create a 6m tall, 276 m long retaining wall. Neoloy provided an easily built and aesthetic earth retention solution. The project’s fast installation time of only eight weeks reduced construction time by up to 30% and lowered overall costs.

  • Enhanced flexibility accommodating uneven surface contours
  • Easy planting of vegetation in cells meeting demand for “green” solution
  • Fast, easy installation requiring only minimal training
  • Long-lasting, low-maintenance solution