Cost-Effective Green Slope Stabilization Solution

Utilizing construction waste and inferior infill, Neoloy®Tough-Cells provided green slope stabilization on rail beds, reducing costs on materials by 50%.


Erosion is a major problem when building railroad beds from inferior materials. The client wanted to use construction waste in the building of rail beds for the line between Ben-Gurion Airport and the city of Modi’in. The client also wanted to integrate the rail beds into the environment in an aesthetic “green” manner.

Conventional Solution

In a case such as this, where the slopes exhibit very moderate inclines, the typical solution requires the expropriation of a much larger area, and a very large amount of earth and retaining walls. Such a solution involves very high costs and complex logistics.

Neoloy Tough-Cell Solution

The solution involved collecting construction waste and inferior types of infill and transforming them into green and durable rail beds. This was done by installing 200mm high Neoloy Tough-Cell, anchoring it with NeoClips on geosynthetic textile and infilling it with topsoil which serves as an ideal habitat for vegetation – all while protecting the stability of the slope.

  • Cost-effective recycling of waste, and integrating stable and strong soil in a green setting
  • Strong solution that enables high load support and does not suffer from problems of erosion
  • Substantial savings of about 50% in the amount of materials required for stabilizing the slope, leading to significant overall cost savings
  • Short deployment times due to the simple installation procedure

The Neoloy Tough-Cell solution provided substantial cost-savings while delivering superior slope protection in an environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing manner