Proven Track Stabilization Technology, Amtrak, USA

Amtrak used Neoloy Geocells to stabilize track degradation problems for high-speed passenger railroad operations... (Read more)

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Comparing NPA Geocell Performance with other Geosynthetics

A comparative investigation using field and lab data demonstrates that the improvement value of Neoloy Geocells vs. other geosynthetics.... (Read more)

PRS-Neoweb at Amtrak-4 case study

Railway Life Cycle Benefits of Subgrade Reinforcement Using Geocell (Palese, Zarembski, et al, 2017)

As part of the US Federal Railway Administration (FRA) program to promote innovative technologies for high speed railways, Amtrak Railway,... (Read more)

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Research: Neoloy Geocell Structural Pavement Reinforcement for Roads & Railways

The research demonstrating that Neoloy Geocells improve layer modulus by up to x5 and reduce total costs of pavement construction... (Read more)