Neoloy Tough-Cells Reinforce RAP base layer of Heavy-duty Pavements

To verify the performance of Neoloy Tough-Cells reinforced RAP bases and the benefit of reinforcement with NPA (Novel Polymeric Alloy) cells, an experimental study was conducted on Neoloy reinforced RAP bases over a weak subgrade under cyclic plate loading.

  • The use of Neoloy Tough-Cells to confine RAP to minimize increased or excessive permanent deformation under traffic loading was tested showing smaller permanent deformations and reduced vertical stresses more than the unreinforced RAP bases.
  • Strain measurements demonstrated that the Neoloy reinforced RAP base behaved as a slab while the unreinforced base behaved as a tensioned membrane.
  • Neoloy improved the life of reinforced RAP base sections by a factor of ~10.

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