NPA (Neoloy®) Tough-Cells Come out on Top in U.S. Strategic Highway Research Program – SHRP2

Comparative “Rodeo” field test, on poorly-graded sand embankments for new highway construction

Compaction “Roadeo” Field Demonstration: Roller-Integrated Compaction Monitoring and Subgrade Geosynthetic Reinforcement

CEER – Center for Earthworks Engineering Research, Iowa State University

This comparative “Rodeo” field test, on poorly-graded sand embankments for new highway construction, conducted by Dr David White, et al at the Center for Earthworks Engineering Research (CEER), as part of the SHRP 2 (US Strategic Highway Research Program), evaluated the different engineering properties of 4 geosynthetics, including NPA (Novel Polymeric Alloy – Neoloy) Tough-Cells.

Eight comprehensive QC and QA methods were used to evaluate the results. The study validated that NPA Geocells are more effective at increasing the stiffness and lifespan of highways than any other geosynthetic solution. Cyclical plate loading tests demonstrated that the Neoloy had the lowest permanent deformation (4.1 mm vs. 5.6 mm for geogrid) and the highest modulus of all the geosynthetics.

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