A comparative investigation using field and lab data demonstrates that the improvement value of Neoloy Geocells vs. other geosynthetics

Professionals often ask what is the difference between Neoloy Geocells and other geosynthetics.

Using field tests, laboratory tests and back calculations Rajagopal, et al (2014) verified that Neoloy Geocell reinforcement increases the rigidity of pavement structures more than planar type products like geotextiles and geogrids. NPA Geocells were shown to be effective in lowering stress on the pavement layers and improving the reinforced layer modulus. The geocell confined soil acts as a semi-rigid mattress distributing loads over a wide area. In particular, Neoloy Geocells produce a modulus improvement factor of up to 2.90.

Future studies should focus on the improvement afforded by a hybrid solution of NPA geocells combined with geogrids.

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