Construction of 48 km of access roads for the new $9-billion airport surely is a challenge.
Located on the bed of the former Lake Texcoco, the soil is soft, saturated and swampy.

The Solution: PRS-Neoloy® Geocell™

PRS-Noeloy Geocell.

After extensive testing conducted by Mexico Highway Authority experts, it was agreed that only one geocell is qualified for long term engineering projects: PRS-Neoloy Geocell.

The Neoloy is creep-resistant, and combined with its high elastic stiffness, PRS-Neoloy Geocell was chosen as the best ground reinforcement solution for the world-class infrastructure project.

The Results: Cost Effective Soil Confinement

PRS-Neoloy Geocell ground reinforcement

Thanks to PRS-Neoloy Geocell ground reinforcement, gravel and aggregate use was minimized, and the asphalt layer thickness was reduced by 35%.
Its fast and easy Implementation saved time and reduced construction costs, as well as environmental footprint.


PRS-Neoloy Geocell

Creep Resistant Geocells
75 Years Guarantee
High Elastic Stiffness

PRS-Neoloy Geocell