PRS-Neoweb Ring Road, St Petersburg, Russia-4

Research: High-Modulus Geocells for Sustainable Highway Infrastructure


Studies and field tests validate that NPA (Neoloy®) Geocells improve road base modulus by 2.75x and reduce structural thickness by... (Read more)

Paved road webinar 32

Webinar – How to Design Paved Roads that Cost Less and Last Longer


The more challenging the conditions- the more effective Neoloy Geocell technology becomes.
With PRS Neoloy® Geocells Geo-Technical Solution, your paved road... (Read more)

railway embankement - amtrak geocell

Research: Neoloy Geocell Structural Pavement Reinforcement for Roads & Railways


The research demonstrating that Neoloy Geocells improve layer modulus by up to x5 and reduce total costs of pavement construction... (Read more)

geocell Embankment Over Waste Pond, India - website

Research: Design and Construction of PRS Neoloy Geocells Reinforced Mud Embankment


This study, by Sitharam and Hegde provides academic proof that geocell foundation is a suitable solution for reinforcing an... (Read more)

8-San Simon Highway, Colombia 1 (3)

Research: Studies on Geocell Reinforced Road Pavement Structures


The study proofs, using both a field study and laboratory plate loading tests, that Neoloy Geocells increase elastic modulus by... (Read more)


Quiz: How much do you know about Geocell Engineering?


Are you familiar with Geocell design principles, properties and key elements? take a few minutes to check and enhance your... (Read more)


Research: Factors Influencing Deformations of Geocell Reinforcement on Recycled Asphalt Pavement


This study, by Sitharam and Hegde provides academic proof that geocell foundation is a suitable solution for reinforcing an embankment.... (Read more)


Research: Performance of shallow footing on geocell reinforcement clay bed


While deep foundation or ground improvement techniques are often used to construct in soft ground, they are often very costly.... (Read more)

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Research: Hybrid Geocell Solution for Rail Track on Expansive Clay


A Hybrid Geosynthetic Solution was used in a new track foundation over weak expansive clays. This unique solution combines PRS-Neoweb... (Read more)


Webinar: How to Build an Airport Over a Swamp


The Challenge: Construction of the new $9-billion Mexico City International Airport. Located on Former Lake Texcoco, the soil is very... (Read more)


Newsletter: How to Use Useless Sand to Build Roads


Sand is a poorly graded material.
Over 35% of the world is covered with sand. Today there is a proven technology... (Read more)


Newsletter: Building the New & Largest Mexico City International Airport Over a Swamp


Construction of 48 km of access roads for the new $9-billion airport surely is a challenge. Located on the bed of... (Read more)